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The Penrith Ramblers Group is an active group in the Lake District area of Ramblers, leading over 6 walks per week in the summer months and about 5 walks per week during the rest of the year. Despite being centred on a fairly small town, the group has over 300 members and carries out more walks than most other groups.

The group holds most walks on Wednesdays, when 4 and sometimes 5 walks are held, with one walk on a Saturday. In the summer, walks are held on a Thursday evening and some special 'theme' walks are held on a Sunday. Active walkers in the group tend to associate with a particular walking party, based on friendship groupings and walking ability, though some members do swop between walking parties.

Besides leading walks, the group is involved with investigating routes for new and existing paths and reporting obstructions to paths in the area. It also holds social events, such as lunches/dinners and walking trips in other areas of the country.

As you might expect there are many members who work with little publicity behind the scenes, helping with social events, doing the administration, making policy decisions and helping to publicise the group, e.g. writing articles in the local press.

Next Walks

Saturday Group

Tomorrow - Gamblesby, Hartside and Haresceugh

10 miles - 1600 feet. Meet at 9:00am

More details..

A Group

Wednesday 23 October - Kentmere Kinetic - Mardale Ill Bell, Yoke, Harter Fell

14 miles - 4600 feet. Meet at 8:30am

More details..

B+ Group

Wednesday 23 October - The Deer Rut

Deer Rut Walk at Martindale

8 miles - 2000 feet. Meet at 9:00am

More details..

B Group

Wednesday 23 October - Knott Rigg and Ard Crags with views across Newlands Valley

6½ miles - 1800 feet. Meet at 9:15am

More details..

C Group

Wednesday 23 October - Dodd and other trails in Dodd wood

6 miles - 1000 feet. Meet at 9:30am

More details..


Wednesday 23 October - Sowerby Church, Heggle Lane, Haltcliff Bridge from Millhouse

A pleasant slightly undulating walk amongst the North Cumbrian countryside of the Calder Valley.

5½ miles - 300 feet. Meet at 10:30am

More details..

Strolling 2

Wednesday 23 October - Millhouse and Haltcliff Bridge

Field paths and lanes in the middle stretches of the Caldew Valley

3½ miles - 300 feet. Meet at 10:30am

More details..


Strolling 2

Strolling 2 Group

The Strolling 2 group is gradually building up its numbers for the short easier walks being provided for those Ramblers who are just finding their feet (so to speak).

There is, however, considerable difficulty in finding leaders, especially because a group of this nature, serving those at the ‘entry’ level of our walking, does not of itself have many walkers who have the skills or ability to lead.

So through this notice we are looking to encourage anyone with the interest and ability to lead some easy walks of up to 4 miles to come forward to help the group.

If you may be interested please contact me on 01768 890390 or through e-mail at thelmaallan@btinternet,com


Thelma Allan
Strolling 2 co-ordinator

• Posted: Saturday 12 October

Downloading Newsletters

Newsletter entries selected are downloadable to your own device or can be read directly on the website. Documents are currently in .docx format but you should be able to convert them to .pdf if required.

• Posted: Thursday 16 March 2017