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DateGroupGradeTimeWalkGrid RefMilesAsc(ft)LeaderPhone
Sat 1SatModerate9:00amHolme Fell from High TilberthwaiteNY 3150061550Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
via Cathedral Quarry and Hodge Close Caves with the opportunity to go down to the water level of the cave
Sun 2ESModerate8:45amL. D. Boundary Walk - Walk 6 from Kirkland to Calder AbbeyNY 072 180101500Graham Allan01768 890390
1st (Kirkland to Calder Abbey) of 5 coach based linear walks along the Lake District Boundary Walk. Year 2, around West and South Cumbria between Kirkland and Lowick Green. Pre booking with Graham Allan (01768 890390)who can also supply the walk brochure.
Wed 5AChallenging8:30amEastern Ecstasy 2 - Dollywagon Pike, Helvellyn, White SideNY 330111113900Michael Edwards07554 049328
Wed 5B+Strenuous9:00amPlace FellNY42216293000Carole Willett01931 713219 or 07977 658889.
Beda Fell, Place Fell and Angle Tarn Pikes
Wed 5BModerate9:15amLing Fell and Sale FellNY 194 2961900Jean Bradshaw01768 865240
There is an option for omitting the top of Ling Fell and reducing the ascent to 1,600ft
Wed 5CLeisurely9:30amGrune Point SillothNY144464200Mike Eden017683 52411
Wed 5StrEasy10:30amGrasmere and Rydal WaterNY365062650Michael Coen01768 891173
A very lovely, nicely varied, circular walk of both Grasmere and Rydal Water with wonderful views across the lakes and surrounding fells.
Wed 5St2Easy10:30amPenruddock & MotherbyNY 426 283suwGraham Allan01768 890390
Two villages, linking paths and countryside to the north
Thu 6ESGeneral6:30pmHeughscar, High Winder from Askham4suwGuilly Fletcher017684 84504
Sat 8SatModerate9:00amGamblesby, Hartside, HaresceughNY 646419101600Harry Upton017684 80191
This walk has been switched from August 3rd
Wed 12AChallenging8:30amGrasmoor Gallop - Hopegill Head, Crag Hill, Whiteless PikeNY 158208114000Angela Scott07787 937456
Wed 12B+Strenuous9:00amRed PikeNY18214211½4100Roger Pickett01768 895794
Scale Force, Red Pike, High Crag and Haystacks - This walk could be considered as CHALLENGING
Wed 12BModerate9:15amMuker via Calvert Houses,Ivelet Moor,Swinner Gill and KisdonSD 909 97810½1500Jeremy Hutchinson07969 556547
A walk in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Meet the leader in Muker.
Wed 12CLeisurely9:30amLanercost Priory to BramptonNY555637500Richard Murphy07954 948005
Wed 12BCModerate9:30amPatterdale and Grisedale valley to Ruthwaite LodgeNY 3961957850Maureen Winder01768 867330
Wed 12StrEasy10:30amGreenholme, Tebay and the Birk Beck ValleyNY605053300Graham Allan01768 890390
An interesting walk - a pleasant tributary of the River Lune, an historic ‘gorge bound’ road/railway/river meeting point, a little known ‘train lovers’ museum and a possible sculptural surprise.
Wed 12St2Easy10:30amGreenholme and the River LuneNY 610 051suwThelma Allan01768 890390
Riverside walk beside Birk Beck and the River Lune to Roundthwaite, returning along Pikestone Lane.
Thu 13ESGeneral6:30pmLowther ArealuwIrene Wilson016974 73639
Sat 15SatModerate9:00amGreen Gable via Windy Gap at an Easy PaceNY 2151092400Jean Bradshaw01768 865240
Warnscale Beck Waterfall, Moses Trod, Windy Gap, Green Gable, Brandreth and Grey Knotts from Honister.This is a moderate walk with a stiff climb up to Windy Gap from Moses Trod.
Sun 16ESModerate8:45amL.D. Boundary Walk - Walk 7 Calder Abbey to Muncaster BridgeNY 055 067101100Graham Allan01768 890390
2nd (Calder Abbey to Muncaster Bridge) of 5 coach based linear walks along the L.D.Boundary Walk. Year 2, around West and South Cumbria between Kirkland and Lowick Green. Pre booking with Graham Allan (01768 890390)who can also supply the walk brochure.
Wed 19AChallenging8:00amFour Passes - Sty Head, Black Sail, Scarth Gap, HonisterNY 245137175200Sue Tomlinson01768 865622
Wed 19B+Strenuous9:00amBeda FellNY4251672800Ian Clement01768 862330
Beda Fell, Place Fell and Boredale Hause
Wed 19BModerate9:15amGreat Ormside, Rutter Falls and HoffSD 883 959500David Dixon01768 863155
Wed 19CLeisurely9:30amAlston South tyne valley walkNY717464300Christine McNaughton01768 864127
Wed 19StrEasy10:30amLoweswaterNY134210885Janet Upton017684 80191
A very gradual ascent, on a grassy path, is rewarded with extensive views of the lake, returning with a gentle stroll along the lake shore. This walk will be led by 4 Stroller ladies.
Wed 19St2Easy10:30amTemple Sowerby & the River EdenNY 609 2713luwThelma Allan01768 890390
A look around the village and a walk beside its nearby river
Thu 20ESGeneral6:30pmThere will be No Evening Summer Walk today-(TBA)
There will be no Evening Summer Walk on June 20th as the Penrith Ramblers will be visiting Dumfries House on that day.
Sat 22SatModerate9:00amPike O' Blisco and Blea TarnNY 27004282260Neil Beatham01768 866377
Wed 26AChallenging8:30amBlencathra Blinder - up Bannerdale Crags, down Hall's FellNY 364301103800Michael Edwards07554 049328
Wed 26B+Strenuous9:00amStony Cove PikeNY4181003000Stephen Lindley07713 770504
Stony Cove Pike and High Street from Cow Bridge
Wed 26BStrenuous9:15amHigh Spy from Rosthwaite to Blea CragNY 236 1702500Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
Visiting the Rigghead quarries,views down Derwentwater from Blea Crag and descending via Nitting Haws
Wed 26CLeisurely9:30amA Circular stroll to Great StricklandNY5602296600Basil Thompson01768 866127
Wed 26BCModerate9:30amLoughrigg Fell and Rydal from AmblesideNY 37604781300Sue Elliott01768 891901
Wed 26StrEasy10:30amWatch Hill and Setmurthy PlantationNY1363125625Janet Upton017684 80191
Easy paths and tracks to the summit of Watch Hill give panoramic views of Cockermouth and the Solway Coast.
Wed 26St2Easy10:30amDufton & KeisleyNY 692 2484-Anne Humphry01768 862970
Dufton and the fields below the East Fellside to the South-east.
Thu 27ESGeneral6:30pmCockpit Round from Roehead4luwRay Chappels017683 42798
N.B. This walk replaces the original scheduled walk
Sat 29SatModerate9:00amCarrock Fell and High PikeNY 34133671880Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
Sun 30ESModerate8:45amL .D. Boundary Walk - Walk 8 Muncaster Bridge to WhitbeckSD 107 95511700Graham Allan01768 890390
3rd (Muncaster Bridge to Whitbeck) of 5 coach based linear walks along the L.D.Boundary Walk. Year 2, around West and South Cumbria between Kirkland and Lowick Green. Pre booking with Graham Allan (01768 890390)who can also supply the walk brochure.
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