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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
B+StrenuousWednesday 25 June 2014Robinson, Dale Head and Hindscarth from Little Town8
B+StrenuousWednesday 27 August 2014Skiddaw via Bakestall from Peter House Farm9
B+StrenuousWednesday 22 October 2014High Stile Ridge from Buttermere, Scale Force to Scarth Gap10
B+StrenuousWednesday 21 January 2015High Spy with my Little Town Eye9
SatStrenuousSaturday 22 August 2015Robinson, Dalehead and Hindshead from Newlands Valley9
B+StrenuousWednesday 26 August 2015Scale Force to Scarth Gap10
B+StrenuousWednesday 21 October 2015Up Hill and Down Moor. Crag Hill and Grasmoor8
B+StrenuousWednesday 24 February 2016Bowderdale to the Calf (Howgills)10
StrGeneralWednesday 20 April 2016Greystoke Estate Walk4
ESStrenuousSunday 19 June 2016Eden Wheel Eastern Rim - Dorthgill to Dufton HIGHER OPTION12
StrEasyWednesday 29 June 2016A Hesket Newmarket Round
B+StrenuousWednesday 10 August 2016Great Gable from Seathwaite via Sour Milk Gill7
SatModerateSaturday 27 August 2016Smardale Triangle8
StrEasyWednesday 19 October 2016Mirehouse and Moss Wood Peninsular5
B+StrenuousWednesday 16 November 2016Patterdale to Fairfield round
SatModerateSaturday 26 November 2016Around Derwentwater10
B+StrenuousWednesday 8 February 2017Clough Head via Red Screes Rake9
SatModerateSaturday 18 March 2017Ullswater Way west side11
SatStrenuousSaturday 17 June 2017Skiddaw via Ullock Pike8
B+StrenuousWednesday 23 August 2017Red Pike to Hay Stacks10
B+ModerateWednesday 23 August 2017Hay Stacks from Buttermere
B+StrenuousWednesday 25 October 2017Angle Tarn and Hayeswater from Hartsop10
SatModerateSaturday 16 December 2017Loadpot Hill from Pooley Bridge12
StrEasyWednesday 20 December 2017Around Greystoke4
B+StrenuousWednesday 14 February 2018Place Fell and Beda Fell
SatModerateSaturday 10 March 2018Gamblesby to Hartside and Haresceugh9
SatModerateSaturday 10 March 2018Watch Hill and Isel8
BModerateWednesday 11 April 2018Latrigg to Skiddaw and Skiddaw House9
SatModerateSaturday 9 June 2018Around Carrock Fell and High Pike
StrEasyWednesday 13 June 2018Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket
B+StrenuousWednesday 25 July 2018The Ullswater Way from Aira Force20
BModerateWednesday 22 August 2018Smardale8
SatModerateSaturday 22 September 2018Fellbarrow and Low Fell from Thackthwaite8
BModerateWednesday 28 November 2018Clough Head and Great Dodd9
StrEasyWednesday 19 December 2018Around Threlkeld
St2EasyWednesday 19 December 2018Around Threlkeld4
B+StrenuousWednesday 20 February 2019Skiddaw via Bakestall9
BModerateWednesday 13 March 2019Around Mellbreak9
BModerateWednesday 13 March 2019Mellbreak8
SatModerateSaturday 23 March 2019Fellbarrow and Low Fell8
StrEasyWednesday 24 April 2019Binsey Loop5
StrEasyWednesday 29 May 2019Faulds Brow and The Howk from Caldbeck5
SatModerateSaturday 8 June 2019Gamblesby, Hartside, Haresceugh10
Total Distance362½
43 walks