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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
AChallengingWednesday 13 May 2015Bluebells North - Castle Inn to Carl Side and Skiddaw13
AChallengingWednesday 29 July 2015A maiden leads way to Smittergill Head then Cross Fell!11
AChallengingWednesday 23 September 2015Dufton Drift - Great Rundale Tarn and Peeping Hill11
AChallengingWednesday 25 November 2015Ullswater Unleashed - Aira Force to Stybarrow Dodd10
AChallengingWednesday 13 January 2016Loweswater Lawyers - Mellbreak, Gavel, Blake, Burnbank11
AChallengingWednesday 23 March 2016Murton, Mines and Meldon plus High Cup Nick13½
AChallengingWednesday 4 May 2016Bluebells North - Castle Inn to Carl Side and Skiddaw13
AChallengingWednesday 10 August 2016Seathwaite, Scafell Pike x2, Scafell12
AChallengingWednesday 2 November 2016Pennine Pastiche - Cross, Little Dun and Great Dun Fells11
AChallengingWednesday 28 December 2016Murton Merriment - Scordale Beck and High Cup Nick11
AChallengingWednesday 11 January 2017Mosedale Magic - Swindale Head, Cottage, Wren Gill Quarry11
AChallengingWednesday 15 March 2017Glenridding Glory - Sheffield Pike, Raise, Stybarrow Dodd12
AChallengingWednesday 10 May 2017Skiddaw Saunter - Longside, Carl Side, Bakestall, Bluebells15
AChallengingWednesday 17 May 2017Nostalgic Newlands - Maiden Moor, Dale Head, Ard Crags13
AChallengingWednesday 21 June 2017Kentmere Kinetics - Haweswater, Harter Fell, Stile End13
AChallengingWednesday 9 August 2017Pen & Pike - Seathwaite, Corridor, Pen, Scafell Pike, Grains12
AChallengingWednesday 20 September 2017Yorkshire Yomp - Settle to Malham taking in local caves14
AChallengingWednesday 27 December 2017Murton Mines - Hilton, Long Fell, Roman Fell, Scordale11
AChallengingWednesday 10 January 2018Kirkland Karma - Cross Fell, Greg's Hut, Mines, Crowdundle11
AChallengingWednesday 14 March 2018Pike Piquancy - Great End, Scafell Pike, Corridor Route11
ESStrenuousFriday 23 March 2018Great Rundale, Maize Beck & High Cup Nick from Dufton10
AChallengingWednesday 23 May 2018Wellhope Wonder - Nentsberry, Carrshield, Killhope Law12
AChallengingWednesday 8 August 2018Barf Bravado - Lord’s Seat, Broom, Ling and Sale Fells10
AChallengingWednesday 29 August 2018Hartsop Honk - Brock Crags, Mardale Ill Bell, Threshthwaite11
AChallengingWednesday 26 September 2018Pennine Plaza - Hawes, Great Shunner Fell, Lovely Seat13½
AChallengingWednesday 7 November 2018Blencarn Blaze - Little and Great Dun Fells, Milburn13
AChallengingWednesday 20 February 2019Gable Gambol - Brandreth, Green and Great Gable, Sty Head10
AChallengingWednesday 17 April 2019Glaramara Gyration - Dovenest Crag, Seathwaite Fell11½
AChallengingWednesday 8 May 2019Bluebells North - Castle Inn to Skiddaw and Carl Side13½
AChallengingWednesday 15 May 2019Of Eagles and Kings - High Raise, Ullscarf, Brund Fell14
Total Distance358
30 walks