GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
ESGeneralThursday 25 July 2013Hallin Fell0
BModerateWednesday 21 August 2013Green Burn Round, Steel Fell and Helm Crag7
BModerateWednesday 11 September 2013Angle Tarn Pikes, Brock Crags7
BModerateWednesday 16 October 2013Graystones, Broom Fell, Lord's Seat7
BModerateWednesday 18 December 2013Crosby Ravensworth, Robin Hood's Grave,Orton Scar8
BModerateWednesday 15 January 2014Whinlatter, Grisedale Ridge & Gill Dam7
BModerateWednesday 26 February 2014Haweswater Naddle Forest & Hugh Laithes Pike7
BModerateWednesday 26 March 2014Elterwater cathedral, Slater Bridge8
BModerateWednesday 16 April 2014Dodd, St Begas, Mirehouse
ESGeneralThursday 15 May 2014Hardendale Quarry0
BModerateWednesday 21 May 2014High & Low Force, Holwick Scar & Gibson's Cave9
BModerateWednesday 2 July 2014Cogra Moss, Sharp Knott, Owsen Fell, Blake Fell7
BModerateWednesday 30 July 2014Swindale waterfall, High Wether Howe9
BModerateWednesday 20 August 2014Maiden Moor via Nitting Haws
BModerateWednesday 10 September 2014Barf and Lords Seat via Comb Beck - via Beck Wythop
BModerateWednesday 24 September 2014Hayeswater, Knott, Thornthwaite Beacon, Gray Crag from Harts7
BStrenuousWednesday 22 October 2014Place Fell via Low Birk Fell, Kilbert How, Birk Fell & Sleet6
BModerateWednesday 26 November 2014Borrowdale nr Shap, Combs Hollow, Mabbin Crag and Whinfell C9
BModerateWednesday 10 December 2014Elter Water around Loughrigg via Red Bank and Rydal Cave7
BModerateWednesday 7 January 2015Pooley Barton Chrurch7
BModerateWednesday 11 February 2015Greystoke area9
BModerateWednesday 25 March 2015High Cup Nick
BModerateWednesday 29 April 2015Cross Fell
BModerateWednesday 13 May 2015In and around Long Sleddle8
BModerateWednesday 20 May 2015Ullscarf9
BStrenuousWednesday 8 July 2015Skiddaw8
BModerateWednesday 12 August 2015The calf
ESGeneralThursday 20 August 2015Eycott Hill3
BModerateWednesday 23 September 2015Easdale Tarn & Silver How
BModerateWednesday 21 October 2015Tarn Hows & Tom Heights
BModerateWednesday 4 November 2015Bannerdale Craggs & Souther Fell8
B+ModerateWednesday 9 December 2015WALK CANCELLED7
BModerateWednesday 9 December 2015ORIGINAL WALK CANCELLED7
BModerateWednesday 20 January 2016Carrock Fell & High Pike6
BModerateWednesday 24 February 2016Up above Grasmere6
BModerateWednesday 30 March 2016Threlkeld to Mungrisdale Common - visit to an isolated house8
BModerateWednesday 27 April 2016Whitbarrow Scar & Lord's Seat (Another House of Lords)8
BModerateWednesday 4 May 2016The fells at the end of Haweswater7
BModerateWednesday 25 May 2016Birkhouse Moor
BModerateWednesday 13 July 2016A collection of Dodds
ESGeneralThursday 11 August 2016Blaze Fell4
BModerateWednesday 17 August 2016Kidsty Pike
BModerateWednesday 7 September 2016Loweswater
BModerateWednesday 28 September 2016Bowlees Cave7
BModerateWednesday 19 October 2016Sour Hows Sallows
BModerateWednesday 9 November 2016Carrock Fell6
BModerateWednesday 15 March 2017Fells to the west of Bassenthwaite8
BModerateWednesday 19 April 2017The Langdales
BModerateWednesday 17 May 2017Wild Boar Fell Stennerskeugh Clouds
BModerateWednesday 12 July 2017Haweswater, Riggindale Crag, High Street
BModerateWednesday 26 July 2017Bonscale Loadpot Wether Pikeawassa Gowk Hill7
ESGeneralThursday 24 August 2017Blaze Fell4
BModerateWednesday 8 November 2017Loweswater circuit7
BModerateWednesday 14 February 2018Grisedale7
BModerateWednesday 14 February 2018Around Greystoke9
BModerateWednesday 28 March 2018Scout Scar Cunswick Scar8
BModerateWednesday 25 April 2018Orrest Head8
BModerateWednesday 16 May 2018Loweswater
BModerateWednesday 13 June 2018Easdale tarn8
BModerateWednesday 11 July 2018High Pike
ESGeneralThursday 2 August 2018Lazonby Fell4
BModerateWednesday 12 September 2018Stennersceugh Clouds and around Harter Fell9
SatModerateSaturday 15 September 2018Elterwater via Cathedral Quarry, Colwith and Skelwith Forces7
St2EasyWednesday 19 September 2018Oddendale & a round of Hardendale Quarry
BModerateWednesday 10 October 2018Troutbeck Tongue7
BModerateWednesday 5 December 2018Whinlatter, Grisedale and Sanderson Gills7
BModerateWednesday 20 February 2019Knipe Scar
Total Distance474
67 walks