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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
CLeisurelyWednesday 10 November 2010Great Asby
CLeisurelyWednesday 15 December 2010Bampton Grange5
CLeisurelyWednesday 29 December 2010Askham Fell6
CLeisurelyWednesday 12 January 2011Bampton and Butterwick4
CLeisurelyWednesday 2 February 2011Pooley Bridge and Heughscar Hill
CLeisurelyWednesday 2 March 2011Barton Church,Winder Hall & Pooley Bridge
CLeisurelyWednesday 25 May 2011Kirkby Stephen & Nateby6
ESLeisurelyThursday 26 May 2011Pooley Bridge & Heughscar Hill0
CLeisurelyWednesday 6 July 2011Murton, Flakebridge and Trundale Gill7
CLeisurelyWednesday 14 December 2011Bampton Grange5
CLeisurelyWednesday 28 December 2011Brougham, Mayburgh Henge, River Eamont
CLeisurelyWednesday 28 November 2012Askham / Helton / Whale6
CLeisurelyWednesday 26 December 2012Brougham / Mayburgh Henge / River Eamont
CLeisurelyWednesday 1 January 2014Brougham and Mayburgh Henge
CLeisurelyWednesday 11 June 2014Newlands Valley6
CLeisurelyWednesday 24 September 2014Kirkby Stephen and Nateby6
CLeisurelyWednesday 31 December 2014Brougham and Mayburgh Henge
CLeisurelyWednesday 7 January 2015Askham, Helton, Whale6
CLeisurelyWednesday 11 February 2015Maulds Meaburn and River Lyvennet
CLeisurelyWednesday 8 April 2015Rosgill, Shap Abbey, Keld5
CLeisurelyWednesday 3 June 2015Lowther7
CLeisurelyWednesday 23 December 2015Short walk from the Rugby club car park
CLeisurelyWednesday 6 January 2016penrith4
CLeisurelyWednesday 8 June 2016Tallentire and Gilcrux
CLeisurelyWednesday 30 November 2016Askham / Whale / Helton6
CLeisurelyWednesday 28 December 2016Walk to Thacka4
CLeisurelyWednesday 11 January 2017Pooley Bridge and Heughscar Hill
CLeisurelyWednesday 15 March 2017Pooley Bridge, Barton Church and Winder Hall
CLeisurelyWednesday 14 June 2017Murton , Flakebridge and Trundale Ghyll
CLeisurelyWednesday 9 August 2017Dufton Ghyll and Long Marton7
CLeisurelyWednesday 15 November 2017Bampton Grange5
CLeisurelyWednesday 13 December 2017Askham, Helton and Whale6
CLeisurelyWednesday 13 December 2017A walk around Lowther park5
CLeisurelyWednesday 24 January 2018Brougham and Mayburgh Henge
CLeisurelyWednesday 21 February 2018Pooley Bridge Barton Church and Winder Hall
CLeisurelyWednesday 13 June 2018Heltondale7
CLeisurelyWednesday 15 August 2018Tallentire and Gilcrux7
CLeisurelyWednesday 5 September 2018Walk from Armathwaite and Ainstable
CLeisurelyWednesday 10 October 2018River Lyvennet at Kings Meaburn
Total Distance210
39 walks