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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
ESGeneralThursday 2 August 2012Around Penrith0
BModerateWednesday 29 August 2012Bannerdale Crags from Mungrisdale
BModerateWednesday 23 January 2013Threlkeld and the Glenderamackin Valley8
BEasyWednesday 3 July 2013Little Town - Little Dale from Skelgill7
ESGeneralThursday 1 August 2013Moor Divock0
BModerateWednesday 25 September 2013Kirkby Thore and Long Marton Circuit7
BStrenuousWednesday 12 February 2014St Sunday Crag & Grisedale8
ESGeneralThursday 24 July 2014Long Meg and Addingham Church0
BModerateWednesday 15 October 2014Addingham and Glassonby from Hunsonby8
BModerateWednesday 17 December 2014Fusedale and around Hallin Fell7
BModerateWednesday 28 January 2015Melkinthorpe9
BModerateWednesday 3 June 2015Melkinthorpe and its surroundings9
ESGeneralThursday 6 August 2015Threlkeld3
BModerateWednesday 17 February 2016The River Leith
ESGeneralThursday 10 August 2017Dacre & Dalemain4
ESGeneralThursday 16 August 2018Temple Sowerby4
StrEasyWednesday 10 October 2018Temple Sowerby and the River Eden5
StrEasyWednesday 27 February 2019Grisedale from Patterdale
St2EasyWednesday 6 March 2019A little more than Kirkby Thore
StrEasyWednesday 5 June 2019Grasmere and Rydal Water
Total Distance108½
20 walks