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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
AChallengingWednesday 24 November 2010A Buttermere Skyline13
AChallengingWednesday 23 March 2011Langdales to Loughrigg Linear (early start time)11
AChallengingWednesday 27 April 2011Whiteside to Whiteless return via Rannerdale Knotts12½
AChallengingWednesday 25 May 2011Great End from Seathwaite11
AChallengingWednesday 24 August 2011Coniston Fells from the Sun Inn Coniston13
AChallengingWednesday 14 September 2011Whiteside to Rannerdale Knotts12½
AChallengingWednesday 30 November 2011Greater Fairfield Horseshoe11
AChallengingWednesday 27 June 2012Coniston Fells including Grey Friar13
AChallengingWednesday 1 August 2012Whiteside to Whiteless and Rannerdale Knotts13
AChallengingWednesday 14 November 2012A Coledale Round11½
AChallengingWednesday 12 December 2012The Fairfield Horseshoe11
AChallengingWednesday 23 January 2013The Little Hills-Black, Holme and Loughrigg Fells12
AChallengingWednesday 13 March 2013Grey Knotts, Kirk Fell, Great Gable, Base Brown10
AChallengingWednesday 22 May 2013Langdales to Loughrigg13
AChallengingWednesday 19 June 2013A Coniston Round12
AChallengingWednesday 11 September 2013Whiteside to Whiteless and Rannerdale Knots13
AChallengingWednesday 27 November 2013The Fairfield Horseshoe11
AChallengingWednesday 22 January 2014The Little Hills. Black Fell, Holme Fell, Lingmoor12
AChallengingWednesday 5 March 2014A Coledale Round12
AChallengingWednesday 4 June 2014The Langdales to Lingmoor13
AChallengingWednesday 25 June 2014A Coniston Round12
AChallengingWednesday 8 October 2014A Trio from Seathwaite -Great End,Scafell Pike & Lingmell12
AChallengingWednesday 21 January 2015The little hills of Langdale leading to Lingmoor12
AChallengingWednesday 29 April 2015Leap up from Lanthwaite to Whiteside and Whiteless Pike13
AChallengingWednesday 20 May 2015Bluebells South - Langdales to Loughrigg13
AChallengingWednesday 22 July 2015Coniston crusade - Wetherlam, Swirl How and the Old Man12
AChallengingWednesday 4 November 2015Buttermere Blitz - High Stile, Hay Stacks and Fleetwith Pike12
AChallengingWednesday 2 December 2015Fairfield (El Clásico with Stone Arthur hors d'oeuvre)12
AChallengingWednesday 27 April 2016Coniston Classic - Wetherlam, Swirl, Old and Dow Crag12
AChallengingWednesday 25 May 2016Leap up from Lanthwaite to Whiteside and Whiteless Pike13
AChallengingWednesday 3 August 2016Both sides of Buttermere - Robinson to High Stile13
AChallengingWednesday 26 October 2016Coniston Classic - Wetherlam, Swirl, Old and Dow Crag12
AChallengingWednesday 7 December 2016Fairfield Fantastic - Stone Arthur, Hart, Dove and High Pike12
AChallengingWednesday 12 April 2017Little Langdale - Black, Holme and Lingmoor Fells12
AChallengingWednesday 26 April 2017Crummock Calling - Whiteside, Grasmoor, Whiteless Pike13
AStrenuousWednesday 6 December 2017Windermere Wanderings - Wray Castle, Hawkshead, Tarn Hows12
Total Distance437½
36 walks