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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
B+StrenuousWednesday 29 September 2010Selside, Branstree and Harter Fell8
SatStrenuousSaturday 2 October 2010Dove Crag and Little Hart Crag
B+ModerateWednesday 23 February 2011Sunbiggin Tarn and Potts Valley. Meet leader at Tarn10
B+StrenuousWednesday 20 April 2011Harter Fell, Branstree and Selside8
SatStrenuousSaturday 23 April 2011Bowscale Fell and Blencathra11
B+StrenuousWednesday 4 May 2011Helvellyn and Raise from Swirls7
SatStrenuousSaturday 14 May 2011Helvellyn from Raise Beck8
SatStrenuousSaturday 10 September 2011Helvellyn from Raise Beck8
B+StrenuousWednesday 28 September 2011Bowscale Fell and Blencathra10
SatModerateSaturday 12 May 2012Great Asby Scar11
B+StrenuousWednesday 16 May 2012Helvellyn from Dunmail Raise
B+StrenuousWednesday 12 September 2012The Dalehead Horseshoe from Little Town9
SatModerateSaturday 29 September 2012Loadpot Hill from Helton10½
B+StrenuousWednesday 10 April 2013Mardale Head
SatStrenuousSaturday 13 April 2013Dale Head Horseshoe from Little Town9
B+StrenuousWednesday 15 May 2013Dovedale Horseshoe
SatStrenuousSaturday 20 July 2013Grasmoor from Crummock Water7
SatStrenuousSaturday 14 September 2013Grisedale Pike and Crag Hill from Braithwaite
B+StrenuousWednesday 18 September 2013Mardale Head9
B+StrenuousWednesday 2 April 2014Dovedale Horseshoe (NB Earlier start time)
SatModerateSaturday 5 April 2014Alston to Thompson's Well Bridge12
B+StrenuousWednesday 16 July 2014Glaramara and Langstrath10
SatStrenuousSaturday 19 July 2014Red Screes7
SatStrenuousSaturday 13 September 2014St Sunday Crag via Deepdale
SatStrenuousSaturday 13 September 2014St Sunday Crag via Deepdale
B+StrenuousWednesday 17 September 2014Yoke to Thornthwaite Beacon12
SatStrenuousSaturday 25 April 2015Dove Crag and Red Screes11
B+StrenuousWednesday 29 April 2015Glaramara13
B+StrenuousWednesday 15 July 2015Circuit of Boredale11½
SatStrenuousSaturday 18 July 2015Stony Cove Pike & Gray Crag from Brotherswater8
B+StrenuousWednesday 16 September 2015Dove Crag and Red Screes10
SatModerateSaturday 31 October 2015Aira force to Glenridding via Lanty's Tarn9
StrGeneralWednesday 27 January 2016'Lady's Walk', Edenhall
B+StrenuousWednesday 6 April 2016Cross Fell11
SatModerateSaturday 30 April 2016High Pike from Caldbeck
StrEasyWednesday 4 May 2016Pennruddock and Dacre5
B+StrenuousWednesday 20 July 2016Mallerstang Heights and Edenside12½
SatStrenuousSaturday 23 July 2016Stony Cove Pike, Threshthwaite Mouth and Gray Crag
B+StrenuousWednesday 21 September 2016Cross Fell11
SatStrenuousSaturday 1 October 2016Stybarrow Dodd and Sheffield Pike
StrEasyWednesday 7 December 2016Ladies Walk, Edenhall4
SatModerateSaturday 17 December 2016Alcock Tarn,Rydal Water and Grasmere9
B+ModerateWednesday 21 December 2016Arthur's Pike
BModerateWednesday 21 December 2016Arthur's Pike
SatModerateSaturday 4 March 2017High Rigg and Low Rigg8
StrEasyWednesday 15 March 2017Poetry Path, Kirkby Stephen4
B+StrenuousWednesday 22 March 2017Great Calva to Great Cockup
SatModerateSaturday 25 March 2017Ullswater Way east side11
SatModerateSaturday 1 April 2017Moor Divock, Helton and Askham from Roe Head10
SatStrenuousSaturday 5 August 2017Blencathra from Scales
Total Distance444½