Contacting Penrith Ramblers

The telephone number of the walk leader of each walk is given on the walks' programme.

Copies of the walks' programme can be found at the Information Centre, Middlegate Penrith, 'Penrith Outdoor Sports', also in Middlegate and the Library in Penrith. The Library and the Information Centre may get a copy of the walks' programme for you. (They can be printed from the web site, if all their copies have been taken.) Before going on a walk for the first time, prospective members should ring up the leader of the walk, that they propose to go on, the evening before, in order to confirm the walk is still as stated in the programme and if there are any difficulties on the walk, such as scree, boggy ground etc. Also, by doing this, the leader will know of your intentions to go on his/her walk and can look out for your arrival the next day.

If you live some distance from Penrith, you may find it convenient to go directly to the start of the walk. Clearly, you will have to contact the leader (the evening) before the walk to find where the walk actually starts. However, if the weather forecast for the day of the walk is poor, the leader may not wish to commit him/herself to a particular walk in case the weather turns out to be unsuitable on the day and a different walk has to be substituted instead. In such cases you may have to check early on the morning of the walk to see if it has been changed or you may even have to travel to the initial meeting point, because the leader may wish to consult with other walkers before making a decision to change the walk or not.

Try contacting the appropriate walks' co-ordinator for information, if the walk-leader cannot be reached. This can occur if the original walk leader is indisposed and another leader has been appointed instead. The walks programme on this site will usually indicate changes of walk leader.

(Note: the copy of this walks' programme on the Lake District Area website is not updated, so will not show these changes!)

The Penrith Ramblers Walks Co-ordinators, Chair and Secretaries

Neil Beatham01768 866377
Membership secretary
David Dixon07941602272
Footpath secretary
Alan Duval017684 83727
Walks programme secretary
Janet Arnison01931 714305
Press officer
Harry Upton017684 80191
Social secretary
Jean Bradshaw01768 865240
Honorary secretary
Sue Marshall01768 897159
A Group co-ordinator
Roger Leech07841 378121
B+ Group co-ordinator
Nick Ash017683 98651
B Group co-ordinator
Jean Bradshaw01768 865240
B/C Group co-ordinator
Susan Elliott01768 891901
C Group co-ordinator
Mike Eden07751924982
Thursday walk co-ordinator
Mary Patmore01768 897074
Saturday walk co-ordinator
Sue Marshall01768 897159
Sunday walk co-ordinator
Graham Allan01768 890390
Stroller walk co-ordinator
Janet Upton07958906930
Strolling 2 walk co-ordinator
Thelma Allan01768 890390