Meeting Points

Meeting Point

Initially walkers are asked to meet at the Penrith Rugby Club car park on the A686, Carleton Avenue *. The Rugby Club has asked the Penrith Group to meet on the left side of the car park entrance near to the road, where the walk-leader (or his/her representative) should be in order to arrange transport and pass on information on where to go. You may also park your car here, if you are getting a lift. An exception to meeting at the rugby club is when you live near or on the way to the start of a walk, in which case you want to go straight to the start. You will probably need to contact the walk-leader the evening before to find out where to go and you are advised to inform the walk leader beforehand anyway, if you intend to do this, so that he/she can look out for you. To cover parking charges (made by the Rugby Club), the group walk co-ordinator or, if he/she is not present, the walk leader should collect a small annual parking fee from those drivers who use the car park regularly. This should be handed over to the treasurer later. (* Some of you may not know that our previous starting point was in the centre of Penrith at Southend Road. This is now part of a building project.)

How to get there

Take the A6, going south from the town centre and after passing B & Q on the right, take the first left at the large roundabout, which is the A686, Carleton Avenue, sign posted to Alston and the Pennines. (Don't take the A66 dual carriageway.) After passing the entrance to the police station on the right, ignore the next turn on the left and look out for a 'deceleration' lane cut into the verge on the left. Take this and then turn left into the Rugby Club carpark. If you approach this island going east on the A66. The A686 that you require is the second left. If you approach this island from Eamont Bridge take the 3rd on the left and from A66 travelling west, take the 4th on the left. You can approach the Rugby Club from the other direction. If you enter the A686 from any road to the east and north of it, (such as Carlton Road), turn right. Look out for the farm shop on your left. The Rugby Club carpark is a further 150 yards or so on your right. The new meeting point is some way out of the centre of Penrith and so those who do not wish to use their own transport and find walking too far are advised to seek a lift from a fellow rambler driving in from their side of town.

Tips on meeting the first time

The Penrith Ramblers arrange four walks (sometimes five) every Wednesday and one every Saturday, throughout the year, except for a few days near Christmas. In summer there are also walks on Thursday evenings. Each set of walks, e.g. Saturday, Wednesday: A walk party , Wednesday: B+ walk party, etc. has its own walks co-ordinator. On some Sundays a set of extra walks following a particular route, may be planned, e.g. Hadrian's Wall, Isaac's Tea Trail (2009) and Cumbria Way (2010). These extra walks are listed in the walks programme with the rest. For further information on walks, use the link to the page: 'Guide Lines to walks'. The Walks' Programme lists the times that the various walking parties leave the car park. It should not be too difficult to locate a group of walkers (carrying rucksacks ) and introduce yourself to them. You will need to ask for the correct walking party as there can be more than one assembled there at the same time. Try to get there at least 5 minutes before the stated leaving time, so that you can meet the leader (or his/her representative) to arrange transport. This could mean you will be leaving your car at the car park and taking a lift with somebody else. Alternatively, you could be the one giving the lift. If the latter, make sure you (or a passenger) know where the start of the walk is and how to get there. A small contribution by passengers towards the driver's fuel costs of the journey and other car borne costs is expected. From January 2014, a maximum of 10p per mile per passenger will be the going rate. With a car full of passengers, a driver may offer a reduced rate. Some ramblers living close together sometimes take it in turns to do the driving and so do not charge the passengers in their party, working on the basis that the costs per driver even out with time. For a day's walk, you should bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink, especially if it is a hot day. It is usual to have a lunch stop and at least one drinks stop during the walk and the leader usually arranges to have a stop at a cafe/pub after the walk. Walking boots are essential and a leader may refuse you on a walk if you do not have them. A change of footwear, especially if you are having a lift is recommended. For information on walking gear and equipment go to the link: 'Walking Equipment'.