The Ramblers

Contacting 'Ramblers'

Use this link to contact 'Ramblers' website for more information on the organisation nationally.

The postal address is:

Ramblers, 2nd Floor, Camelford House, 87 - 90 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TW. Telephone Number is: 020 7339 8500

Existing members: Please inform 'Ramblers' of any change of address or change in circumstances as soon as possible.

Please remember to state your membership number.

Informing Ramblers means that its database is kept correct and that copies of the 'Walk' magazine and other correspondence can be addressed correctly.

Those who pay subscriptions by cheque should aim to pay within a month after the due date otherwise they are deemed 'Payment Pending' and are not counted as part of the membership.

(N.B. 'Ramblers' will inform your membership secretary of any changes to its database, including payments, so that he/she can update his/her records. Informing your membership secretary about a change of address but not informing 'Ramblers' will not only lead to a mismatch in these records but will result in the membership secretary receiving incorrect address labels for mailing. Ramblers' used to send membership secretaries a list of existing members but not anymore. Hence these address labels act as a membership check, so such errors should be avoided.)