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Wednesday 21 February 2018

A Group

Hartley Histrionics - Nine Standards Rigg, High Pike Hill

Grid reference: NY 773088

• 12 miles • 2300 feet

This walk is graded as Challenging.

Time: 8:30am

Leader: Neil Beatham

Telephone: 01768 866377

B+ Group


Helvellyn, Dollywaggon, Nethermost Pike, return via Wythburn Church

Grid reference: NY 324 151

• 9 miles • 2900 feet

This walk is graded as Strenuous.

Time: 9:00am

Leader: Ian Clement

Telephone: 01768 862330

B Group

Bassenthwaite shoreline

Ravenstone, Bassenthwaite Lake shoreline and the Allerdale Ramble from Bassenthwaite

Grid reference: NY230322

• 8½ miles • 1375 feet

This walk is graded as Moderate.

Time: 9:15am

Leader: Graham Allan

Telephone: 01768 890390

B/C Group


Grid reference: NY447172

• 8 miles • 1000 feet

This walk is graded as Moderate.

Time: 9:30am

Leader: Mary Teasdale

Telephone: 01768 865398

C Group

Pooley Bridge Barton Church and Winder Hall

Grid reference: NY472248

• 5½ miles • 650 feet

This walk is graded as Leisurely.

Time: 9:30am

Leader: Marjorie Oakey

Telephone: 01768 890194


Around Long Marton

Field paths and tracks to the West and North of Long Marton and alongside the Settle-Carlisle railway.

Grid reference: NY659254

• 4 miles • 250 feet

This walk is graded as Easy.

Time: 10:30am

Leader: Thelma Allan

Telephone: 01768 890390