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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
AChallengingWednesday 27 October 2010Coledale Horseshoe10
AChallengingWednesday 12 January 2011Grisedale Horseshoe12
AChallengingWednesday 4 May 2011Helvellyn - west and east side10
AChallengingWednesday 1 June 2011Grisedale Horseshoe12
ESLeisurelyThursday 2 June 2011Cliburn0
AChallengingWednesday 12 October 2011Gt Gable12
ESGeneralThursday 24 May 2012Morland Meander0
AChallengingWednesday 20 June 2012A Great Gable round12
AChallengingWednesday 19 December 2012The Grisedale Horseshoe12
AChallengingWednesday 20 March 2013High Street, Caudale Moor, Rough Edge12
AChallengingWednesday 1 May 2013Causey Pike, Crag Hill, Grasmoor, Wansfell, Addacombe Hole12
AChallengingWednesday 2 October 2013A Thirlmere Meander12
AChallengingWednesday 1 January 2014Helvellyn,Birkhouse Moor,Browncove Crags, Brown Crag10
AChallengingWednesday 2 July 2014Ring of Devoke Water and Green Crag11
AChallengingWednesday 14 January 2015Cavaliering round the Head of Haweswater11
AChallengingWednesday 19 August 2015Great and Green Gables11
AChallengingWednesday 9 December 2015Majestic Measand - Raise Low and High, Kop High and Low11
AChallengingWednesday 16 March 2016Cavaliering round the Head of Haweswater11
AChallengingWednesday 9 November 2016Grasmere Glissando - Fairfield, Sandal, Steel, Cotra Breast10
AStrenuousWednesday 13 December 2017Thirlmere Twirl - Complete circuit of Thirlmere Reservoir10
AChallengingWednesday 25 July 2018Helvellyn Ridge - a classic high level linear walk12
AChallengingWednesday 27 February 2019Mardale Meander - Mardale Ill Bell, High Street, Castle Crag10
Total Distance223
22 walks