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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
B+StrenuousWednesday 15 December 2010Circuit of Martindale and Fusedale from Sandwick8
B+StrenuousWednesday 26 January 2011Circuit from Braithwaite skirting Barrow and Cat Bells10½
B+StrenuousWednesday 13 April 2011Grey Knotts, Brandreth, Green Gable and Great Gable7
SatStrenuousSaturday 30 July 2011Fleetwith Pike, Grey Knotts, Brandreth7
B+StrenuousWednesday 10 August 2011Bakestall, Skiddaw, Sale How from Peter House Farm
ESLeisurelyThursday 11 August 2011Armathwaite and Ainstable0
B+StrenuousWednesday 7 September 2011Grey Knotts, Brandreth, Green Gable and Great Gable7
SatModerateSaturday 10 December 2011Armathwaite to Wetheral9
B+StrenuousWednesday 9 May 2012Grey Knotts, Brandreth, Green Gable and Great Gable7
SatStrenuousSaturday 30 June 2012Grisedale Pike, Hopegill Head and Sail9
B+StrenuousWednesday 4 July 2012But'mere Red Pike, High Stile, High Crag & Hay Stacks9
B+StrenuousWednesday 5 September 2012Blencathra via Scales Tarn8
SatStrenuousSaturday 8 September 2012Round the Nab from Martindale11
B+StrenuousWednesday 12 December 2012Trusmadoor, Longlands & Overwater Hall from Peter House Farm10
B+ModerateWednesday 30 January 2013Armathwaite, Ainstable, Ruckcroft & Coombes Wood10½
B+StrenuousWednesday 6 February 2013Souther Fell, Mungrisdale & Bowscale Fell from Scales
SatStrenuousSaturday 9 March 2013Seatoller, Lodore Falls and Watendlath10½
ESChallengingSunday 2 June 2013Westmorland Way walk 5: Grasmere to Patterdale
SatStrenuousSaturday 13 July 2013Blencathra via Scales Tarn
B+StrenuousWednesday 24 July 2013WALK 1 - Grisedale Pike, Hopegill Head and Crag Hill10
SatStrenuousSaturday 9 November 2013Souther Fell, Mungrisedale and Bowscale Fell from Scales
B+StrenuousWednesday 20 November 2013Melbreak, Hen Comb and Little Dodd9
SatStrenuousSaturday 11 January 2014Round Catbells from Braithwaite9
B+StrenuousWednesday 15 January 2014Glenderaterra and Latrigg from Threlkeld10
SatStrenuousSaturday 26 April 2014Deepdale, Fairfield, Dovedale9
SatStrenuousSaturday 28 June 2014Melbreak, Hen Comb and Little Dodd9
ESChallengingSunday 27 July 2014Eden Wheel Walk 4: Wolt Bridge to Bowscale. Coach first to
B+StrenuousWednesday 30 July 2014Around the Nab, inc High Raise, Kidsty Pike & the Knott10½
B+StrenuousWednesday 5 November 2014Deepdale, Cofa Pike, Fairfield and Dovedale9
SatStrenuousSaturday 8 November 2014Grasmere to Rydal via Loughrigg Fell
SatStrenuousSaturday 8 November 2014Grasmere to Rydal via Loughrigg Fell
B+ModerateWednesday 24 December 2014Arthur's Pike from Roehead7
BModerateWednesday 24 December 2014Arthur's Pike from Roehead7
SatStrenuousSaturday 28 February 2015Catbells, Grange and Derwentwater
B+StrenuousWednesday 15 April 2015Blencathra
ESModerateSunday 7 June 2015The Eden Wheel - Northern Rim: Bowscale to Bustabeck10½
SatStrenuousSaturday 27 June 2015Blencathra
B+StrenuousWednesday 1 July 2015Fleet of Foot to Wainwright's Ashes8
B+StrenuousWednesday 19 August 2015Sea to Glam Allen9
B+StrenuousWednesday 30 September 2015Base Brown, Green Gable and a circuit of Great Gable9
SatStrenuousSaturday 17 October 2015Mellbreak and Hen Comb9
SatModerateSaturday 14 November 2015Arthur's Pike & Loadpot Hill9
B+ModerateWednesday 23 December 2015Roam around Roe Head8
BModerateWednesday 23 December 2015Meander in Martindale8
SatModerateSaturday 23 January 2016Latrigg and Brundholme Woods8
SatModerateSaturday 13 February 2016White Moss, Rydal, Loughrigg Terrace and Grasmere8
B+StrenuousWednesday 9 March 2016Causey Pike, Sail, Outerside, Stile End and Barrow7
B+StrenuousWednesday 27 April 2016Great Dun Fell and Little Dun Fell11
StrEasyWednesday 25 May 2016A Circuit of Brotherswater
B+StrenuousWednesday 15 June 2016Scafell Pike by the Corridor Route
Total Distance428