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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
CLeisurelyWednesday 1 December 2010Gt Strickland5
CLeisurelyWednesday 6 April 2011Staveley7
CLeisurelyWednesday 24 August 2011Staveley6
CLeisurelyWednesday 16 November 2011Great Strickland5
CLeisurelyWednesday 13 June 2012Staveley / Ings6
CLeisurelyWednesday 10 October 2012Staveley5
CLeisurelyWednesday 17 April 2013Staveley/Kentmere5
CLeisurelyWednesday 17 July 2013Staveley5
CLeisurelyWednesday 25 September 2013Great Strickland5
CLeisurelyWednesday 16 April 2014Staveley6
CLeisurelyWednesday 4 June 2014Tarn Hows5
Total Distance60
11 walks