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GroupGradeTimeWalkGrid RefMilesAsc(ft)LeaderPhone
Wednesday 20 March 2019
AChallenging8:30amConiston Cha Cha - The Bell, Prison Band, Dow CragSD 289970133500Denis Mitchell01539 722001
B+Strenuous9:00amSale How,Little Man and SkiddawNY 267 285103000Martin Hodgson01768 899307
BModerate9:15amRosgill circularNY49816381200Neil McGeown01768 398808
Bampton, Haweswater & Rosgill
BCModerate9:30amBrothers Water and DovedaleNY 3901157750Sue Elliott01768 891901
CLeisurely9:30amRaughton Head and a walk along the river CaldewNY5463386600Basil Thompson01768 866127
StrEasy10:30amSilver Point from PatterdaleNY396159500Heather Edwards01768 88227
Along the shores of Ullswater, on stony tracks and paths, to one of its most spectacular viewpoints. A circular route is achieved by way of a short, steep ascent before descending back down to the valley.
St2Easy10:30amAn Askham RoundNY521240200Thelma Allan01768 890390
An interesting walk taking in Askham village, Lowther Castle and Park.
Saturday 23 March 2019
SatModerate9:00amFellbarrow and Low FellNY 13224381700Harry Upton017684 80191
Wednesday 27 March 2019
AChallenging8:30amFusedale Fandango - Loadpot Hill, Pikeawassa, HowtownNY 513238162800John Whittaker01768 866225
B+Strenuous9:00amGarrigill to Wellhope MoorNY 776 43312½2300Neil McGeown01768 398808
BModerate9:15amAlong the river GeltNY54458581080Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
Low Geltbridge to Talkin Tarn
CLeisurely9:30amBrigsteer and riverside daffodil walkSD4888897500Christine McNaughton01768 864127
StrEasy10:30amGreat Howe from Swirls carparkNY3131875500Irene Wilson016974 73639
A short Lake District walk offering excellent views of Thirlmere. Great Howe is a thickly wooded hill but, only 50 metres down from the summit is a viewpoint with stunning views.
St2Easy10:30amA Figure of 8 between Sockbridge and Red HillsNY5002754300Charlie Shepherd07766 830007
Eamont Valley field paths dropping gently down on two occasions to the valley floor.
Saturday 30 March 2019
SatModerate9:00amTalkin Fell with good views across the River GeltNY 56956481400Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
Wednesday 3 April 2019
AChallenging8:30amNewlands Nova - Maiden Moor, Dale Head, RobinsonNY 23319493720Michael Edwards07554 049328
B+Strenuous9:00amHelvellynNY 324 15192900Ian Clement01768 862330
Helvellyn via Raise Beck, Dollywagon Pike, Nethermost Pike and return via Wythburn Chapel
BModerate9:15amUp on Bampton CommonNY454181101750Graham Allan01768 890390
Bampton Common, Loadpot Hill and Helton Fell from Carhullan
BCModerate9:30amLonglands Valley and Trusmadoor via Great CockupNY 2653321400Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
CLeisurely9:30amTroutbeckNY4140386750Richard Murphy07954 948005
Richard's number is 07954 948005
StrEasy10:30amThe Herdwick Sheep Trail, RosthwaiteNY2571485luwCharlie Shepherd07766 830007
A delightful walk in the Borrowdale valley, easy tracks and riverside walking with wonderful mountain views.
St2Easy10:30amStepping out and back from Crosby RavensworthNY622149300Beryl Eden07751 924982
A gentle walk within the countryside surrounding this historic village.
Saturday 6 April 2019
SatModerate9:00amWythop Fells: Sale and Ling FellNY 1913021700Janet Upton017684 80191
Wednesday 10 April 2019
AChallenging8:30amEasedale Epic - Steel Fell/Calf Crag/Sergeant Man/Silver HowNY 337086133600Debbie Thompson01931 714106 or 07788 496675
B+Strenuous9:00amHarter Fell, Mardale Ill Bell, High Street and Kidsty PikeNY 448 12693000Sue Marshall01768 897159
BModerate9:15amShoulthwaiteNY28619691450David Dixon01768 863155
Shoulthwaite & Bleaberry from Castle Rigg
CLeisurely9:30amTalkin Tarn and the river GeltNY5455877800Irene Wilson016974 73639
This walk replaces the original scheduled walk
StrEasy10:30amA circular walk from Kings Meaburn around Morland.NY6102205luwLinda Thomson
A peaceful walk in an undulating valley with quiet roads and a network of paths.
This walk has been cancelled
StrEasy10:30amMaulds Meaburn and the Lyvennet ValleyNY6251635600Diane Case01539 624521
A walk in the Lyvennet valley, visiting the villages of Maulds Meaburn and Crosby Ravensworth, with superb views of the North Pennines.
St2Easy10:30amOddendale and a round of Hardendale QuarryNY586135200Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
A gentle fell walk with panoramic Pennine and Lake District views “aplenty”.
Saturday 13 April 2019
SatModerate9:00amCarry on down Co. Durham's Greta, from God's to Greta BridgeNY 995132850Graham Allan01768 890390
This is a linear walk using the Fellrunner bus, which will have 16 seats. Cost will be £6 if bus is full, or £7 if not. Meet at 9am at the Rugby club as usual. NB the descent on this walk is 1500'.
Wednesday 17 April 2019
AChallenging8:30amGlaramara Gyration - Dovenest Crag, Allen Crags, Grains GillNY 235122113000Roger Leech07841 378121
B+Strenuous9:00amBarf, Lord's Seat, Broom Fell and Sale FellNY 204 2653300Stephen Lindley07713 770504
BModerate9:15amSelside Pike and Branstree from MardaleNY 490 11261830Kathy Taylor0771 2168085
The Old Corpse Road, Selside Pike and Branstree from Mardale
BCModerate9:30amMallerstang, Pendragon Castle & Lady Anne's Way from NatebySD 7859858900Ray Chappels017683 42798
CLeisurely9:30amKentmereSD4560407689Mike Eden017683 52411
StrEasy10:30amSale FellNY194297700Janet Upton017684 80191
This is one of the smallest Wainwright’s but is popular as it offers gentle walking and lovely views across Bassenthwaite Lake to Skiddaw. This walk will be led by 4 Stroller ladies.
St2Easy10:30amGreystoke Forest from 'The Larches'NY4053424100Guilly Fletcher017684 84504
Easy forest walking with wide tracks and no stiles
Saturday 20 April 2019
SatModerate9:00amThirlmere to High RiggNY 311137101500Ian Clement01768 862330
Wednesday 24 April 2019
AChallenging8:30amEastern Ecstasy 1 - Great Rigg, Fairfield, St Sunday CragNY 365062114850Michael Edwards07554 049328
B+Strenuous9:00amHigh Cup Nick, Maize Beck Scar and Great Rundale TarnNY 745 261102100Nick Ash017683 98651
BModerate9:15amWatch HillNY16631671200Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
Watch Hill & Eva Hill from Setmurthy
CLeisurely9:30amPooley Brige and Aira ForceNY463243750Christine McNaughton01768 864127
This is part of the Ullswater way and is a lovely undulating path above Ullswater with an option to Gowbarrow Summit. As it is a LINEAR walk the return will be by either bus or boat.
StrEasy10:30amBinsey LoopNY2353515500Harry Upton017684 80191
A circular route with an easy ascent on a grassy track to the summit of Binsey, with panoramic views of the western fells, the Solway Firth and Dumfries and Galloway.
St2Easy10:30amEamont Bridge, Lowther & CliftonNY5312704200Irene Wilson016974 73639
An easy ‘Lowther parkland’ walk with the opportunity to visit Clifton’s historic C16th tower, the only surviving part of Clifton's fortified manor house.
Saturday 27 April 2019
SatStrenuous9:00amBlencathra via Doddick Fell down to Blencathra centreNY 32827892500Sue Tomlinson01768 865622
At an easy pace