GroupGradeTimeWalkGrid RefMilesAsc(ft)LeaderPhone
Wednesday 29 May 2019
AChallenging8:30amEttrick Eroica - Capel, Wind & Loch Fells, Pen & CroftNT 138078134200Neil Beatham01768 866377
B+Strenuous9:00amSwaledaleNY892010112200Trevor Davis01539 823924
The Upper reaches of Swaledale
BStrenuous9:15amCausey Pike at an easy paceNY 221 20772650Jean Bradshaw01768 865240
BCModerate9:30amChurch Brough, Augill castle & along river BelahNY 8041327660Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
CLeisurely9:30amAlston Nent Valley, High Mounthooly6700Christine McNaughton01768 864127
StrEasy10:30amFaulds Brow and The Howk from CaldbeckNY3223985600Harry Upton017684 80191
Faulds Brow, a pleasant short walk from the village, gives excellent views back to High Pike and the Northern Fells. The route visits The Howk, a narrow limestone gorge with a tumultuous waterfall.
St2Easy10:30amHigh Stand PlantationNY 489 487luwMary Patmore01768 897074
A gentle walk amongst the trees of this open forestry plantation with occasional views of the North Pennines.
Thursday 30 May 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmRenwick Round4luwGraham Allan01768 890390
Note: Leaflet about Summer evening walks can be found on this website under 'News and Social' - Announcements and Flyers'
Saturday 1 June 2019
SatModerate9:00amHolme Fell from High TilberthwaiteNY 3150061550Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
via Cathedral Quarry and Hodge Close Caves with the opportunity to go down to the water level of the cave
Sunday 2 June 2019
ESModerate8:45amL. D. Boundary Walk - Walk 6 from Kirkland to Calder AbbeyNY 072 180101500Graham Allan01768 890390
Note early start
1st (Kirkland to Calder Abbey) of 5 coach based linear walks along the Lake District Boundary Walk. Year 2, around West and South Cumbria between Kirkland and Lowick Green. Pre booking with Graham Allan (01768 890390)who can also supply the walk brochure.
Wednesday 5 June 2019
AChallenging8:30amEastern Ecstasy 2 - Dollywagon Pike, Helvellyn, White SideNY 330111113900Michael Edwards07554 049328
B+Strenuous9:00amPlace FellNY42216293000Carole Willett01931 713219 or 07977 658889.
Beda Fell, Place Fell and Angle Tarn Pikes
BModerate9:15amLing Fell and Sale FellNY 194 2961900Jean Bradshaw01768 865240
There is an option for omitting the top of Ling Fell and reducing the ascent to 1,600ft
CLeisurely9:30amGrune Point SillothNY144464200Mike Eden017683 52411
StrEasy10:30amGrasmere and Rydal WaterNY365062650Michael Coen01768 891173
A very lovely, nicely varied, circular walk of both Grasmere and Rydal Water with wonderful views across the lakes and surrounding fells.
St2Easy10:30amPenruddock & MotherbyNY 426 283suwGraham Allan01768 890390
Two villages, linking paths and countryside to the north
Thursday 6 June 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmHeughscar, High Winder from Askham4suwGuilly Fletcher017684 84504
Saturday 8 June 2019
SatModerate9:00amGamblesby, Hartside, HaresceughNY 646419101600Harry Upton017684 80191
This walk has been switched from August 3rd
Wednesday 12 June 2019
AChallenging8:30amGrasmoor Gallop - Hopegill Head, Crag Hill, Whiteless PikeNY 158208114000Angela Scott07787 937456
B+Strenuous9:00amRed PikeNY18214211½4100Roger Pickett01768 895794
Scale Force, Red Pike, High Crag and Haystacks - This walk could be considered as CHALLENGING
BModerate9:15amMuker via Calvert Houses,Ivelet Moor,Swinner Gill and KisdonSD 909 97810½1500Jeremy Hutchinson07969 556547
A walk in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Meet the leader in Muker.
BCModerate9:30amPatterdale and Grisedale valley to Ruthwaite LodgeNY 3961957850Maureen Winder01768 867330
CLeisurely9:30amLanercost Priory to BramptonNY555637500Richard Murphy07954 948005
StrEasy10:30amGreenholme, Tebay and the Birk Beck ValleyNY605053300Graham Allan01768 890390
An interesting walk - a pleasant tributary of the River Lune, an historic ‘gorge bound’ road/railway/river meeting point, a little known ‘train lovers’ museum and a possible sculptural surprise.
St2Easy10:30amGreenholme and the River LuneNY 610 051suwThelma Allan01768 890390
Riverside walk beside Birk Beck and the River Lune to Roundthwaite, returning along Pikestone Lane.
Thursday 13 June 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmLowther ArealuwIrene Wilson016974 73639
Saturday 15 June 2019
SatModerate9:00amGreen Gable via Windy Gap at an Easy PaceNY 2151092400Jean Bradshaw01768 865240
Warnscale Beck Waterfall, Moses Trod, Windy Gap, Green Gable, Brandreth and Grey Knotts from Honister.This is a moderate walk with a stiff climb up to Windy Gap from Moses Trod.
Sunday 16 June 2019
ESModerate8:45amL.D. Boundary Walk - Walk 7 Calder Abbey to Muncaster BridgeNY 055 067101100Graham Allan01768 890390
Note early start
2nd (Calder Abbey to Muncaster Bridge) of 5 coach based linear walks along the L.D.Boundary Walk. Year 2, around West and South Cumbria between Kirkland and Lowick Green. Pre booking with Graham Allan (01768 890390)who can also supply the walk brochure.
Wednesday 19 June 2019
AChallenging8:00amFour Passes - Sty Head, Black Sail, Scarth Gap, HonisterNY 245137175200Sue Tomlinson01768 865622
Note early start
B+Strenuous9:00amBeda FellNY4251672800Ian Clement01768 862330
Beda Fell, Place Fell and Boredale Hause
BModerate9:15amGreat Ormside, Rutter Falls and HoffSD 883 959500David Dixon01768 863155
This walk replaces the original scheduled walk
CLeisurely9:30amAlston South tyne valley walkNY717464300Christine McNaughton01768 864127
This walk has been cancelled
CLeisurely9:30amCogra Moss/Blake Fell CircuitNY0861981000Christine McNaughton01768 864127
StrEasy10:30amLoweswaterNY134210885Janet Upton017684 80191
A very gradual ascent, on a grassy path, is rewarded with extensive views of the lake, returning with a gentle stroll along the lake shore. This walk will be led by 4 Stroller ladies.
St2Easy10:30amTemple Sowerby & the River EdenNY 609 2713luwThelma Allan01768 890390
A look around the village and a walk beside its nearby river
Thursday 20 June 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmThere will be No Evening Summer Walk today-(TBA)
There will be no Evening Summer Walk on June 20th as the Penrith Ramblers will be visiting Dumfries House on that day.
Saturday 22 June 2019
SatModerate9:00amPike O' Blisco and Blea TarnNY 27004282260Neil Beatham01768 866377
Wednesday 26 June 2019
AChallenging8:30amBlencathra Blinder - up Bannerdale Crags, down Hall's FellNY 364301103800Michael Edwards07554 049328
B+Strenuous9:00amStony Cove PikeNY4181003000Stephen Lindley07713 770504
Stony Cove Pike and High Street from Cow Bridge
BStrenuous9:15amHigh Spy from Rosthwaite to Blea CragNY 236 1702500Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
Visiting the Rigghead quarries,views down Derwentwater from Blea Crag and descending via Nitting Haws
BCModerate9:30amLoughrigg Fell and Rydal from AmblesideNY 37604781300Sue Elliott01768 891901
CLeisurely9:30amA Circular stroll to Great StricklandNY5602296600Basil Thompson01768 866127
StrEasy10:30amWatch Hill and Setmurthy PlantationNY1363125625Janet Upton017684 80191
Easy paths and tracks to the summit of Watch Hill give panoramic views of Cockermouth and the Solway Coast.
St2Easy10:30amDufton & KeisleyNY 692 2484-Anne Humphry01768 862970
Dufton and the fields below the East Fellside to the South-east.
Thursday 27 June 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmCockpit Round from Roehead4luwRay Chappels017683 42798
N.B. This walk replaces the original scheduled walk
Saturday 29 June 2019
This walk replaces the original scheduled walk
SatModerate9:00amCarrock Fell and High PikeNY 34133671880Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
This walk has been cancelled
SatModerate9:00amFusedale, Gowk Hill and PikeawassaNY 44516781500Maureen Winder01768 867330
Sunday 30 June 2019
ESModerate8:45amL .D. Boundary Walk - Walk 8 Muncaster Bridge to WhitbeckSD 107 95511700Graham Allan01768 890390
Note early start
3rd (Muncaster Bridge to Whitbeck) of 5 coach based linear walks along the L.D.Boundary Walk. Year 2, around West and South Cumbria between Kirkland and Lowick Green. Pre booking with Graham Allan (01768 890390)who can also supply the walk brochure.
Wednesday 3 July 2019
AChallenging8:30amDerwent Dazzle - Cat Bells, High Spy, Dale Head, Ard CragsNY 229201144800Allan Ousby01697 473674
B+Strenuous9:00amBoth Sides of BorrowdaleNY25416010½3600Martin Hodgson01768 899307
To include High Spy, Brund Fell and Grange Fell
BModerate9:15amAround Loughrigg Fell to Elterwater from GrasmereNY 352 03991800Jean Bradshaw01768 865240
CLeisurely9:30amNewbiggin on LuneNY7040526700Mavis Taylor01768 866088
StrEasy10:30amRannerdale Knotts5680Hilary Talbot01768 840151
Good paths to the summit give opportunity to climb a small fell of great character with far reaching views up and down the Buttermere valley.
St2Easy10:30amAskham & WhaleNY 515 2374luwMary Teasdale01768 865398
Another chance to experience this classic walk along the Lowther Valley amongst the wider reaches of Lowther Park.
Thursday 4 July 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmGreenside Mine & Glenridding Beck4suwKathy Taylor0771 2168085
Saturday 6 July 2019
SatModerate9:00amDufton Pike, Knock Pike and Dufton GhyllNY 686282101500Andy Bryan017683 71214
Wednesday 10 July 2019
AChallenging8:30amA Crook and a Needle - Green Crag, Harter Fell, Hard KnottNY 200009133500Dave Hall01946 861369
B+Strenuous9:00amGreat GableNY2111033250Nick Ash017683 98651
Great Gable to include Sty Head from Seatoller, up to Great Gable then Green Gable, then along the side of Brandreth and Grey Knots to the Honister Drum Head. Then down to the Quarry car park and then the old road back down to Seatoller.
BModerate9:15amSunderland Point and Heysham using the Fellrunner BusSD 602 816450Graham Allan01768 890390
Fellrunner bus to Overton on the Lune estuary. Walk via Bazil Point, Sunderland, Sunderland Point and Sambo's Grave to Middleton. Coach to Half Moon Bay, Heysham. Circuit walk of Heysham Head and Heysham Village. BOOK A PLACE ON THE BUS WITH THE LEADER.
BCModerate9:30amHadrian's Wall, Housesteads and VindolandaNY 7728821230Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
CLeisurely9:30amA Walk around EnnerdaleNY085152250Beryl Eden07751 924982
StrEasy10:30amCrummock Water from Lanthwaite WoodNY1492155500Janet Upton017684 80191
Two spectacular views dominate this walk - the famous vista of the Buttermere Fells seen over Crummock Water, and the dramatic rocky buttress of Grasmoor End, looming over the Northern end of the lake. This walk will be led by 4 Stroller ladies.
St2Easy10:30amCumwhitton and aroundNY 506 523luwCharlie Shepherd07766 830007
A north Cumbrian village and its surrounding undulating countryside and woodland.
Thursday 11 July 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmSt. Ninian's Church, Brougham4-Martin Hodgson01768 899307
Saturday 13 July 2019
SatModerate9:00amHigh Seat and High ToveNY 28718071600David Dixon01768 863155
Sunday 14 July 2019
ESModerate8:45amL.D. Boundary Walk - Walk 9 from Whitbeck to BroadgateSD 119 839101800Graham Allan01768 890390
Note early start
4th (Whitbeck to Broadgate) of 5 coach based linear walks along the Lake District Boundary Walk. Year 2, around West and South Cumbria between Kirkland and Lowick Green. Pre booking with Graham Allan (01768 890390)who can also supply the walk brochure.
Wednesday 17 July 2019
AChallenging8:30amHelm Wind Walk - Garrigill, Cross Fell, Great Dun FellNY 744415202800Bill Glaister01768 898123
B+Strenuous9:00amMallerstang EdgeNY802103122200Andy Bryan017683 71214
Mallerstang Edge,High Pike, Great Bell, Pendragon Castle, River Eden to Shoregill and back to The Thrang
BModerate9:15amBarbon Low Fell from Barbon (near Kirkby Lonsdale)SD 643 8191400Claire Jeffery01768 351352
CLeisurely9:30amTallentire HillNY112355754Christine McNaughton01768 864127
StrEasy10:30amHardendale Quarry from ShapNY5861395600Gill Hodgson01768 899307
An interesting walk out to and around Hardendale Quarry with panoramic Pennine and Lakeland views. Note: there are several stiles which are not suitable for dogs.
St2Easy10:30amHelton FellNY 493 2194luwDorothy Milner01768 898578
A gentle higher level amble across the fellscape with panoramic views of Ullswater.
Thursday 18 July 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmKirkby ThoreluwMichael Coen01768 891173
Saturday 20 July 2019
SatStrenuous9:00amBowfellNY 2450652200Jeremy Hutchinson07969 556547
Via Mickleden, Angle Tarn, Ore Gap and down The Band. Meet New Dungeon Ghyll Car Park. Bring NT Membership cards.
Wednesday 24 July 2019
AChallenging8:30amRampsgill Reel - Arthur's Pike, High Raise, Rest DoddNY 436192133700John Whittaker01768 866225
B+Strenuous9:00amGreat DoddNY343205102000Harry Upton017684 80191
Great Dodd and Clough Head
BStrenuous9:15amHigh Seat, Bleaberry Fell and Walla CragNY 285 19582200Ruth Meer01768 881894
There is a second leader for this walk, Denise Edwards, Tel No 01768 88227. Please bring your National Trust Card, if you have one.
BCModerate9:30amGreat and Little AsbyNY687105900Claire Jeffery01768 351352
CLeisurely9:30amSedburgh and Frostrow FellSD6649197750Richard Murphy07954 948005
StrEasy10:30amThe Ullswater Way - Dalemain LoopNY4702445250Ruth Lee01768 898604
This pleasing walk follows quiet lanes and footpaths and the banks of the River Eamont from Pooley Bridge to Dalemain House and on to Dacre.
St2Easy10:30amPatterdaleNY 397 161luwMichael Coen01768 891173
Gentle valley paths between iconic mountain landscape.
Thursday 25 July 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmHigh Stand Plantation4-Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
Saturday 27 July 2019
SatModerate9:00amGreat Wood and Ashness Bridge via Cat GillNY 26418471900Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
With good views from Falcon Crags and the climbers fell, Shepherds Crag
Sunday 28 July 2019
ESModerate8:45amL.D. Boundary Walk - Walk 10 from Broadgate to Lowick GreenSD 187 869101600Graham Allan01768 890390
Note early start
5th (Broadgate - Lowick Green) of 5 coach based linear walks along the Lake District Boundary Walk. Year 2, around West and South Cumbria between Kirkland and Lowick Green. Pre booking with Graham Allan (01768 890390)who can also supply the walk brochure.
Wednesday 31 July 2019
AChallenging8:30amSail Samba - Ard Crags, Causey Pike, Whiteless PikeNY 172172104300Christine Backhouse01768 483960
B+Strenuous9:00amGreat Dun FellNY709323112700Martin Hodgson01768 899307
Great and Little Dun Fell - Some rough ground with no path and boggy in parts
BModerate9:15amOverwater, Binsey and Bewaldeth from Bassenthwaite VillageNY 222 35591700Graham Allan01768 890390
CLeisurely9:30amLady Anne's Highway MallerstangNY7830046600Mike Eden017683 52411
StrEasy10:30amHeughscar HillNY4882315780Irene Wilson016974 73639
An easy walk to the limestone summit of Heughscar Hill gives lovely views along the length of Ullswater, backed by the Helvellyn range.
St2Easy10:30amSkelton and surroundsNY 436 3543luwCharlie Shepherd07766 830007
A look around the village together with paths to the north & south.
Thursday 1 August 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmGlassonby, Long Meg and Addingham4-Mary Patmore01768 897074
Saturday 3 August 2019
SatModerate9:00amLonglands Fell, Lowthwaite Fell, Brae Fell from UldaleNY 27834781550Janet Upton017684 80191
This walk has been switched from June 8th
Wednesday 7 August 2019
AChallenging8:30amHadrian's Wall Path - Chesters to Greenhead LinearNY 906705162500Roger Leech07841 378121
B+Strenuous9:00amMount IdaNY795166102000Nick Ash017683 98651
Mount Ida, Bownber Rigg, Seavyrigg Side, Swindale Head, Swindale Grange and Helbeck
BModerate9:15amCrookdale Bridge and Huck's Bridge to Roundthwaite CommonNY 571 03781500Sandy Higgins07801 716608
Crookdale Bridge, Huck's Bridge, High Borrowdale, Roundthwaite Common and back to Crookdale
BCModerate9:30amDentdale from Dent StationSD 72086561200Ray Chappels017683 42798
CLeisurely9:30amHowtown to GlenriddingNY386169600Mavis Taylor01768 866088
StrEasy10:30amGrisedale BeckNY3621435150Neil McGeown01768 398808
A lovely low level walk, surrounded by majestic Fells, towards Grisedale Tarn from Patterdale.
St2Easy10:30amLanercost & Hadrian's WallNY 554 637suwHilary Talbot01768 840151
The Priory, the village and Hadrian's Wall near Milecastle 54.
Thursday 8 August 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmKnipe Scar4suwMary Teasdale01768 865398
Saturday 10 August 2019
SatModerate9:00amNine Standards and the Lode stoneNY 815073111800Ian Clement01768 862330
Via Kirkby Stephen, Ladthwaite, Cote Garth and Hartley
Wednesday 14 August 2019
AChallenging8:30amFigure of 8 round the Scafells - Great End, Foxes Tarn, PenNY 236125114600Dave Hall01946 861369
B+Strenuous9:00amGrasmoorNY17620483900Trevor Davis01539 823924
A favourite fell overlooking Crummock Water with views to the Isle of Man !!!
BModerate9:15amSmardale Gill and Smardale CommonNY 735 06481100Dorothy Milner01768 898578
CLeisurely9:30amKendal CallingSD508871300Richard Murphy07954 948005
StrEasy10:30amGrange to RosthwaiteNY2521745500Maureen Winder01768 867330
An iconic riverside walk from Grange to Rosthwaite.
St2Easy10:30amCliburn MossNY 574 2573luwIrene Wilson016974 73639
A gentle walk around the Nature Reserve.
Thursday 15 August 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmDalemain to Dacre and return4luwDavid Dixon01768 863155
Saturday 17 August 2019
SatStrenuous9:00amStone Arthur, Heron Pike and Nab Scar from GrasmereNY 35407872700Carole Willett01931 713219 or 07977 658889.
Wednesday 21 August 2019
AChallenging8:30amLangdale Limbo - Pavey Ark, High Raise, Pike of StickleNY 294064113500Denis Mitchell01539 722001
B+Strenuous9:00amWhiteless PikeNY20319573400Carole Willett01931 713219 or 07977 658889.
To include Ard Crags and Sail. This walk will have two leaders - Sheila Stuart and Carole Willett
BModerate9:15amWet Sleddale HorseshoeNy 526 03891300Harry Upton017684 80191
BCModerate9:30amHoff, Ormside and Rutter ForceNY 675175600Sue Elliott01768 891901
CLeisurely9:30amWythop and Sale FellNY21727671000Christine McNaughton01768 864127
StrEasy10:30amTBA5500Maureen and Peter Ward01768 840153
St2Easy10:30amThe Kirkby Stephen Viaduct WalkNY 772 074350Janet Upton017684 80191
An interesting circular walk from Kirkby Stephen along field paths, tracks and part of the old Stainmore railway line.
Thursday 22 August 2019
ESGeneral6:30pmMartindale4suwSue Tomlinson01768 865622
Saturday 24 August 2019
SatStrenuous9:00amPlace Fell, Angletarn Pikes, Beda FellNY 42016093000Sue Tomlinson01768 865622
At an easy pace. Start at Martindale new church.
Wednesday 28 August 2019
AChallenging8:30amColedale Candour - Grisedale Pike and GrasmoorNY 233237114000Chris Lloyd01768 868581
B+Strenuous9:00amUllscarfNY290122103000Stephen Lindley07713 770504
Via Stonethwaite, Greenup Gill, Greenup Edge, Blea Tarn, Watendlath. Return via Bowdergate Gill
BModerate9:15amGreat Lingy Hill, Hare Stones and High PikeNY 310 3401500David Dixon01768 863155
CLeisurely9:30amKaber RoundNY7851176600Basil Thompson01768 866127
StrEasy10:30amCircuit of Dufton PikeNY690250600Jim Sellars01768 362363
A classic walk starting from the picturesque village of Dufton, along part of the Pennine Way, around the Pike and back. Easy walking on tracks and field paths with stunning views over the North Pennines.
St2Easy10:30amAira Force to GlenriddingNY 386 1894luwMaureen Winder01768 867330
Linear walk close to Ullswater with return by bus from Glenridding.
Thursday 29 August 2019
ESGeneral7:30pmEnd of Walks Meal - No walk this Thursday-Mary Patmore01768 897074
End of Walks Meal at " The Shepherd's Inn" Langwathby 7.00 pm. for 7.30pm Please book with Mary Patmore ( 01768 897074) by Monday August 19th 2019 There will be No walk this Thursday
Saturday 31 August 2019
SatModerate9:00amTroutbeck and Kentmere from IngsNY 045440102000Alison Gibbs01539 821817
On tracks and quiet lanes
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