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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
CLeisurelyWednesday 22 September 2010Kirkby Stephen/Ewbank Scar5
CLeisurelyWednesday 20 October 2010Bassenthwaite and The Watches
CLeisurelyWednesday 17 November 2010Wreay Woods
CLeisurelyWednesday 22 December 2010Thirlmere5
CLeisurelyWednesday 19 January 2011Greystoke Forest5
CLeisurelyWednesday 16 February 2011Temple Sowerby5
CLeisurelyWednesday 16 March 2011Dalston and River Caldew5
CLeisurelyWednesday 13 April 2011Garrigill and South Tynedale6
CLeisurelyWednesday 11 May 2011Ribblehead Circular (9.20am train from Langwathby)6
CLeisurelyWednesday 15 June 2011Ravenstonedale haymeadows and Smardale7
CLeisurelyWednesday 13 July 2011Winton and a wander by the River Belah7
CLeisurelyWednesday 10 August 2011Vale of Lorton6
CLeisurelyWednesday 14 September 2011Kirkby Stephen, Smardale Fell and Waitby Greenriggs
CLeisurelyWednesday 12 October 2011Dalston and River Caldew7
CLeisurelyWednesday 7 December 2011Clifton and Brougham5
CLeisurelyWednesday 20 June 2012Round Cogra Moss6
CLeisurelyWednesday 18 July 2012Fox's Pulpit and River Lune7
CLeisurelyWednesday 15 August 2012Catrigg Force from Settle7
CLeisurelyWednesday 3 October 2012Bassenthwaite6
CLeisurelyWednesday 12 December 2012Cockermouth5
CLeisurelyWednesday 9 January 2013Stone Circle from Keswick
CLeisurelyWednesday 27 February 2013Culgaith and Acorn Bank
CLeisurelyWednesday 13 March 2013Hesket Newmarket5
CLeisurelyWednesday 10 April 2013Hardendale Nab from Crosby Ravensworth6
CLeisurelyWednesday 29 May 2013Rannerdale5
CLeisurelyWednesday 26 June 2013Appleby7
CLeisurelyWednesday 31 July 2013Scout Scar
CLeisurelyWednesday 4 September 2013Catrigg Force from Settle - meet Langwathby Station at 9am. 7
CLeisurelyWednesday 23 October 2013High Stand Plantation4
CLeisurelyWednesday 18 December 2013Threlkeld and Railway Path
CLeisurelyWednesday 29 January 2014Shap Abbey5
CLeisurelyWednesday 26 February 2014Culgaith and Temple Sowerby7
CLeisurelyWednesday 26 March 2014Lodore Falls
CLeisurelyWednesday 23 April 2014Smardale from Crosby Garrett6
CLeisurelyWednesday 25 June 2014Lanercost and River Irthing5
CLeisurelyWednesday 30 July 2014Vale of Lorton6
CLeisurelyWednesday 27 August 2014Cleatop Park & river Ribble from Settle. Meet Langwathby sta6
CLeisurelyWednesday 17 September 2014Bampton to Haweswater & 4 Stones Hill
CLeisurelyWednesday 8 October 2014Church Brough/Great Musgrave
CLeisurelyWednesday 24 December 2014Greystoke/Motherby5
CLeisurelyWednesday 28 January 2015Greystoke Forest
CLeisurelyWednesday 25 February 2015High Stand Plantation5
CLeisurelyWednesday 25 March 2015Armathwaite and Coombs Wood5
CLeisurelyWednesday 22 April 2015Crosby Garrett to Smardale6
CLeisurelyWednesday 17 June 2015Milnthorpe/ Fairy Steps6
CLeisurelyWednesday 15 July 2015Bassenthwaite & The Watches
CLeisurelyWednesday 12 August 2015Wander from Garsdale Station6
CLeisurelyWednesday 26 August 2015Shap5
CLeisurelyWednesday 16 September 2015Kirkby Stephen/Smardale Fell/Waitby Greenriggs
CLeisurelyWednesday 14 October 2015Dalston / Rose Castle
Total Distance283