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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
AChallengingWednesday 3 November 2010Langdale Pikes10
AChallengingWednesday 9 March 2011Glaramara via Cam Crag ridge11
BModerateWednesday 21 September 2011Hallin Fell and Three Dales from Martindale Church
BModerateWednesday 2 November 2011Angle Tarn Pike from Hartsop car park7
BModerateWednesday 13 June 2012Loughrigg from White Moss, Rydal7
B+StrenuousWednesday 20 June 2012The Old Man of Coniston NB early start10
BModerateWednesday 11 July 2012Lingmoor and Side Pike from Elterwater
BModerateWednesday 5 September 2012High Spy & Maiden Moor from Little Town
B+StrenuousWednesday 24 October 2012Silver How and Tarn Crag9
BModerateWednesday 14 November 2012Place Fell and Beda Fell from Sandwick
B+StrenuousWednesday 2 January 2013Bessy Boot & Glaramara (note early start)8
BModerateWednesday 6 February 2013Skiddaw House and Lonscale Fell from Threlkeld
BModerateWednesday 27 March 2013Easedale Tarn, Codale Tarn and Tarn Grag from Grasmere
B+StrenuousWednesday 12 June 2013Whiteside,Wandhope and Whiteless Pike
BModerateWednesday 19 June 2013Bassenthwaite Lake and Village
BModerateWednesday 24 July 2013Arthur's Pike and Bonscale Pike from Roehead9
ESGeneralThursday 22 August 2013Askham to Whale0
BModerateWednesday 2 October 2013Outerside and Barrow from Braithwaite7
B+StrenuousWednesday 16 October 2013Dow Crag from Coniston10
BModerateWednesday 6 November 2013Kings How from Rosthwaite7
BModerateWednesday 4 December 2013Low Rigg and High Rigg from Castle Rigg8
BLeisurelyWednesday 8 January 2014Around Caldbeck & the Howk
B+StrenuousWednesday 12 February 2014High Seat and Bleaberry Fell10
BModerateWednesday 19 February 2014Around Crummock Water, Rannerdale Knott8
BModerateWednesday 2 April 2014Around Ambleside & Lily Tarn
B+StrenuousWednesday 16 April 2014Bow Fell via Climbers Traverse (NB early start time)9
BModerateWednesday 4 June 2014Sheffield Pike & Glenridding Beck
BModerateWednesday 9 July 2014Wetherhill from Heltondale
BModerateWednesday 6 August 2014Lonscale Fell & Little Man
B+StrenuousWednesday 13 August 2014High Seat and Bleabury Fell10
ESGeneralThursday 21 August 2014Gt Mell Fell0
B+StrenuousWednesday 7 January 2015Easdale Tarn, Codale Tarn and Tarn Crag8
BModerateWednesday 18 February 2015Sunbiggin Tarn9
BModerateWednesday 8 April 2015Smardale
B+StrenuousWednesday 10 June 2015Sergeant Man and Tarn Crag10
BModerateWednesday 17 June 2015In the shadow of Skiddaw8
ESGeneralThursday 30 July 2015Steel Knotts4
BModerateWednesday 5 August 2015Bessyboot & Coombe Head7
BModerateWednesday 2 September 2015Bannerdale & Bowscale8
B+StrenuousWednesday 14 October 2015Wetherlam, Swirl How, Great and Little Carrs, Wet Side Edge
BModerateWednesday 11 November 2015Around Lingmoor Fell
BModerateWednesday 16 December 2015A Circular walk from Askham9
BModerateWednesday 6 January 2016Barf & Lord's Seat ( A visit to the House of Lords)
B+StrenuousWednesday 20 January 2016High Seat and Ashness Gill
BModerateWednesday 3 February 2016A circuit south of Bassenthwaite village
B+StrenuousWednesday 30 March 2016Helvellyn9
BModerateWednesday 13 April 2016Bessyboot & Combe Head (These Boots are made for walking)
B+StrenuousWednesday 11 May 2016Hen Comb, Gavel Fell and Blake Fell10
BModerateWednesday 1 June 2016Hoff you go!!10
ESStrenuousSunday 3 July 2016Eden Wheel Eastern Rim - Dufton to Warcop HIGHER OPTION12
Total Distance405½