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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
B+StrenuousWednesday 17 November 2010The Knott from Hartsop9
SatModerateSaturday 4 December 2010Smardale8
SatStrenuousSaturday 19 February 2011St Sunday Crag
B+StrenuousWednesday 22 June 2011High Raise and Pike of Stickle from New Dungeon Ghyll8
SatModerateSaturday 2 July 2011Lingmoor Fell and Little Langdale8
B+StrenuousWednesday 3 August 2011Smardale8
SatModerateSaturday 31 December 2011Gamblesby and Hartside
B+StrenuousWednesday 23 May 2012Hindscarth and Robinson
SatStrenuousSaturday 2 June 2012St Sunday Crag
ESGeneralThursday 26 July 2012Ainstable0
B+StrenuousWednesday 28 November 2012Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike from Glenridding8
SatModerateSaturday 8 December 2012Knipe Scar from Askham10
B+ModerateWednesday 20 February 2013Helm Crag and Far Easdale8
SatModerateSaturday 23 February 2013Whinfell Ridge8
ESGeneralThursday 27 June 2013Kirkoswald0
SatModerateSaturday 10 August 2013Lingmoor Fell from Elterwater8
B+StrenuousWednesday 11 September 2013Yolk, Ill Bell, Froswick and Thrornthwaite Beacon11
SatModerateSaturday 5 October 2013Scout Scar and Cunswick Fell from Kendal9
SatModerateSaturday 15 March 2014Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar from Kendal10
B+StrenuousWednesday 9 April 2014Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick,Thornthwaite Beacon (NB Early start11
ESGeneralThursday 26 June 2014Kirkoswald0
SatModerateSaturday 20 September 2014Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar from Kendal10
SatModerateSaturday 20 September 2014Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar from Kendal10
SatModerateSaturday 13 June 2015Scout Scar and Cunswick Scar10
ESGeneralThursday 13 August 2015Renwick4
SatModerateSaturday 12 March 2016Dock Tarn and Grange circular9
SatModerateSaturday 11 June 2016Barbon Fell8
ESGeneralThursday 18 August 2016"Lady's Walk", Edenhall4
StrEasyWednesday 31 August 2016Kirkoswald
StrEasyWednesday 5 October 2016Glassonby and Long Meg
StrEasyWednesday 5 October 2016Renwick to Haresceugh4
SatModerateSaturday 29 October 2016Staveley to Potter Fell9
StrEasyWednesday 1 March 2017Low Rigg and Castlerigg4
StrEasyWednesday 31 May 2017Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket
SatModerateSaturday 19 August 2017Burnbanks circuit
StrEasyWednesday 14 March 2018Talkin Fell
StrEasyWednesday 14 March 2018Coombs Wood from Armathwaite Bridge4
SatModerateSaturday 24 March 2018Potter Fell9
Total Distance268½
38 walks