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GroupGradeDateWalkDistance (mls)
BModerateWednesday 8 September 2010Loughrigg Fell, Grasmere8
BModerateWednesday 6 October 2010Knott from Orthwaite7
BModerateWednesday 10 November 2010Gowbarrow Circuit from Aira Force8
BModerateWednesday 15 December 2010Crosby Ravensworth Fell south
BModerateWednesday 5 January 2011Talkin Tarn and the River Gelt
BLeisurelyWednesday 9 February 2011Rheged to Dacre7
BModerateWednesday 2 March 2011Grisedale Valley from Patterdale7
BStrenuousWednesday 23 March 2011Knott from Orthwaite7
BModerateWednesday 15 June 2011Boredale and Ullswater from Patterdale8
ESGeneralThursday 30 June 2011Plumpton0
BStrenuousWednesday 6 July 2011Haystacks from Buttermere6
BStrenuousWednesday 10 August 2011Blencathra from Mungrisdale9
BModerateWednesday 7 September 2011High Pike from Hesket Newmarket Car Park7
BModerateWednesday 19 October 2011Raven Beck and Kirkoswald from Renwick10
BModerateWednesday 23 November 2011Setmurthy and Allerdale, Cockermouth8
BStrenuousWednesday 9 May 2012Base Brown and Green Gable, Borrowdale, Seathwaite6
BModerateWednesday 27 June 2012Troutbeck Tongue from Troutbeck7
ESGeneralThursday 12 July 2012Wreay Woods0
BModerateWednesday 8 August 2012Melmerby Fell from Melmerby10
BModerateWednesday 26 September 2012Kidsty Pike & High Street from Southern end of Haweswater7
BModerateWednesday 7 November 2012Little Town and Little Dale from Portinscale7
BLeisurelyWednesday 28 November 2012Lowther Park and River Lowther from Askham7
BLeisurelyWednesday 16 January 2013Knipe Scar, Bampton Grange6
BModerateWednesday 13 February 2013Gowbarrow from Aira Force8
BModerateWednesday 10 April 2013Cross Fell from Blencarn10
BStrenuousWednesday 29 May 2013Red Screes from Ambleside's main car park8
ESGeneralThursday 20 June 2013Carleton, Carlisle0
BModerateWednesday 26 June 2013Criffel from New Abbey8
BModerateWednesday 31 July 2013Crosby Ravensworth Fell from Crosby Ravensworth7
ESGeneralThursday 29 May 2014Wreay Woods0
BModerateWednesday 18 June 2014Melmerby Fell10
ESGeneralThursday 19 June 2014Ivegill0
BModerateWednesday 16 July 2014Criffel from New Abbey (Note 9.15 start)8
BModerateWednesday 3 September 2014Helton Fell, Barton Fell & Arthurs pike from Askham
BModerateWednesday 12 November 2014Cumwhitton and Hornsby from Cumwhitton
BModerateWednesday 15 April 2015Setmurthy8
BModerateWednesday 27 May 2015Around Hesket Newmarket
ESGeneralThursday 11 June 2015Armathwaite to Aiketgate4
BModerateWednesday 15 July 2015Crosby Ravensworth Fell7
BModerateWednesday 16 September 2015Seat How & Whinlatter Forests7
BModerateWednesday 23 March 2016Circular walk around Lowther - (I'll not Askham again)
StrGeneralWednesday 30 March 2016Along by the River Petteril
BCModerateWednesday 6 April 2016Hesket Newmarket
StrEasyWednesday 10 August 2016Heading into Carlisle5
BCModerateWednesday 17 August 2016The Tongue, Troutbeck
BCModerateWednesday 12 October 2016Crosby Ravensworth7
BCModerateWednesday 16 November 2016Stainton to Dacre8
StrEasyWednesday 11 January 2017Heading into Carlisle5
BCModerateWednesday 5 April 2017Heads Nook and Hayton
CLeisurelyWednesday 26 April 2017Stainton Dacre and Dalemain6
Total Distance329