Current Walks Programme

GroupGradeTimeWalkGrid RefMilesAsc(ft)LeaderPhone
Saturday 30 November 2019
SatModerate9:00amOddendale and Beacon Hill from Crosby RavensworthNY 635099111200Neil Beatham01768 866377
Wednesday 4 December 2019
AChallenging8:30amBlencathra Bistro - Blease Fell, Burnt Horse, Lonscale FellNY 302256113500Allan Ousby01697 473674
This walk replaces the original scheduled walk
B+Strenuous9:00amGreat Dodd and Clough HeadNY342206112700Harry Upton017684 80191
This walk has been cancelled
B+Strenuous9:00amLow FellNY13224392150Harry Upton017684 80191
Loweswater, Low Fell and Fellbarrow
BModerate9:15amDufton, Brampton, Long Marton and KnockNY 666 247650Graham Allan01768 890390
CLeisurely9:30amCastles of Upper Eden from DalefootNY779450489Beryl Eden07751 924982
StrEasy10:30amClifton, Eamont Bridge and BroughamNY536268luwCharlie Shepherd07766 830007
A pleasing winter wander around small villages on the outskirts of Penrith.
Saturday 7 December 2019
SatModerate9:00amRosthwaite, Castle Crag, High Lodore, Watendlath.NY 2491582100Roger Eves01768 840239
Wednesday 11 December 2019
AChallenging8:30amGreat Gable - Taylorgill Force, Kern Knotts, Beck HeadNY 245137103500Neil Beatham01768 866377
B+Strenuous9:00amRaven CragNY57505192500Martin Hodgson01768 899307
Raven Crag and High Rigg.
BModerate9:15amClifton Hall and Brougham from the Rugby ClubNY 526 2789600Neil McGeown01768 398808
Low Gardens Bridge, River Lowther, River Eamont, Clifton Hall and Brougham from the Rugby Club
BCModerate9:30amCrosby Garret via BrownberNY0957297700Ray Chappels017683 42798
CLeisurely9:30amAskham and Heughscar FellNY5122365635Richard Murphy07954 948005
StrEasy10:30amKeswick to ThrelkeldNY289248600Heather Edwards01768 88227
The Keswick to Threlkeld railway path remains inaccessible. A path linking the railway path just below Low Briery now goes through Brundholme Woods to give access to Threlkeld. Note: we will park in Threlkeld, catch the bus to Keswick and return on foot.
Saturday 14 December 2019
SatModerate9:00amSandwick, Beda Fell and Boredale HauseNY 4281702400Ian Clement01768 862330
Return by the lakeshore path
Wednesday 18 December 2019
AChallenging8:30amMinecraft Mega - Newlands Valley, Dale Head, HindscarthNY 229201103600Roger Leech07841 378121
B+Strenuous9:00amMardale to ShapNY5021282010Trevor Davis01539 823924
Mardale to Shap via the Old Corpse Route. This is a linear walk using the Fellrunner. Cost will be £5 per head and must be pre-booked with Trevor either by telephone or preferably by e-mail
BModerate9:15amBrothers Water and DovedaleNY 409 1311000Jean Bradshaw01768 865240
CLeisurely9:30amBirkbeck. A rough Lowland WalkNY597057574Mike Eden017683 52411
StrEasy10:30amAround ThrelkeldNY440308250Harry Upton017684 80191
An easy circular walk on good paths and minor roads around Threlkeld will be followed by a late ‘Bring and Share’ lunch in Threlkeld.
St2Easy10:30amAround ThrelkeldNY322253250Harry Upton017684 80191
An easy circular walk on good paths and minor roads around Threlkeld will be followed by a late ‘Bring and Share’ lunch in Threlkeld. This walk is joint with 'Strollers'
Saturday 21 December 2019
SatModerate9:00amFusedale, Gowk Hill and PikeawassaNY 44516781500Sue Marshall01768 897159
This walk has been switched from 23rd November and now has a new leader: Sue Marshall tel 01768 897159
Saturday 28 December 2019
SatModerate9:00amThree Peaks of Windermere:SD 41599481000Alison Gibbs01539 821817
Orrest Head, School Knott and Brant Fell