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GroupGradeTimeWalkGrid RefMilesAsc(ft)LeaderPhone
Wednesday 6 March 2019
AChallenging8:30amLimestone Lilt - Orton, Great Asby Scar, Sunbiggin TarnNY 623083142000Chris Lloyd01768 868581
B+Strenuous9:15amGlenridding, Red Tarn and GrisedaleNY 350 15372300Roger Eves01768 840239
BModerate9:15amAllen CragsNY22609472300Martin Hodgson01768 899307
Styhead, Sprinkling Tarn and Allen Crags
BCModerate9:30amPotts Valley and Crosby Garrett FellNY 705085800Claire Jeffery01768 351352
CLeisurely9:30amA walk above UllswaterNY470244700Beryl Eden07751 924982
StrEasy10:30amCawdaleNY4851795500Jane Hardcastle017684 80156
A pleasing rural walk on country roads and field paths in a hidden corner of our area.
St2Easy10:30amA little more than Kirtkby ThoreNY637258200Michael Coen01768 891173
A gentle exploration of the village and surrounding fields with views of the North Pennines.
Saturday 9 March 2019
SatModerate9:00amBleaberry Fell and Iron Crag from Great WoodNY 29619291900Frances Bell01768 892806
Spikes will be essential in icy conditions
Wednesday 13 March 2019
AChallenging8:30amEasedale Epic - Steel Fell/Calf Crag/Sergeant Man/Silver HowNY 337086133600Debbie Thompson01931 714106 or Mob 07788496675
B+Strenuous9:00amWhite Side and Raise from GlenriddingNY 343 1742600Sandy Higgins07801716608
BModerate9:15amMellbreakNY15320881500Harry Upton017684 80191
Mellbreak to the South West of Crummock Water
CLeisurely9:30amSeathwaite and RosthwaiteNY236120750Richard Murphy07954 948005
Richards number is 07954 948005
StrEasy10:30amGrange to Rosthwaite via Castle CragNY2571485700Maureen Winder01768 867330
A lovely walk up Castle Crag, from the summit of which you can peer up and down the valley of Borrowdale, taking in the wonderful views.
St2Easy10:30amDetails to be anounced3luwEileen Monk01768 483538
Distance and height information may well be amended
Saturday 16 March 2019
SatModerate9:00amHigh Pike from CaldbeckNY 3193501850Sue Marshall01768 897159
Wednesday 20 March 2019
AChallenging8:30amConiston Cha Cha - The Bell, Prison Band, Dow CragSD 289970133500Denis Mitchell01539 722001
B+Strenuous9:00amSale How with the option of Little Man and SkiddawNY 267 285103000Martin Hodgson01768 899307
Without Skiddaw this walk would be 635 feet less and 1 mile less
BModerate9:15amRosgill circularNY49816381200Neil McGeown01768 398808
Bampton, Haweswater & Rosgill
BCModerate9:30amBrothers Water and DovedaleNY 3901157750Sue Elliott01768 891901
CLeisurely9:30amRaughton Head and a walk along the river CaldewNY5463386600Basil Thompson01768 866127
StrEasy10:30amSilver Point from PatterdaleNY396159500Heather Edwards01768 88227
Along the shores of Ullswater, on stony tracks and paths, to one of its most spectacular viewpoints. A circular route is achieved by way of a short, steep ascent before descending back down to the valley.
St2Easy10:30amAn Askham RoundNY521240200Gwen Mandale01768 483553
An interesting walk taking in Askham village, Lowther Castle and Park.
Saturday 23 March 2019
SatModerate9:00amFellbarrow and Low FellNY 13224381700Harry Upton017684 80191
Wednesday 27 March 2019
AChallenging8:30amFusedale Fandango - Loadpot Hill, Pikeawassa, HowtownNY 513238162800John Whittaker01768 866225
B+Strenuous9:00amGarrigill to Wellhope MoorNY 776 43312½2300Neil McGeown01768 398808
BModerate9:15amAlong the river GeltNY54458581080Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
Low Geltbridge to Talkin Tarn
CLeisurely9:30amBrigsteer and riverside daffodil walkSD4888897500Christine McNaughton01768 864127
StrEasy10:30amGreat Howe from Swirls carparkNY3131875500Irene Wilson016974 73639
A short Lake District walk offering excellent views of Thirlmere. Great Howe is a thickly wooded hill but, only 50 metres down from the summit is a viewpoint with stunning views.
St2Easy10:30amA Figure of 8 between Sockbridge and Red HillsNY5002754300Charlie Shepherd07766830007
Eamont Valley field paths dropping gently down on two occasions to the valley floor.
Saturday 30 March 2019
SatModerate9:00amTalkin Fell with good views across the River GeltNY 56956481400Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
Wednesday 3 April 2019
AChallenging8:30amNewlands Nova - Maiden Moor, Dale Head, RobinsonNY 23319493720Michael Edwards07554 049328
B+Strenuous9:00amHelvellynNY 324 15192900Ian Clement01768 862330
Helvellyn via Raise Beck, Dollywagon Pike, Nethermost Pike and return via Wythburn Chapel
BModerate9:15amUp on Bampton CommonNY454181101750Graham Allan01768 890390
Bampton Common, Loadpot Hill and Helton Fell from Carhullan
BCModerate9:30amLonglands Valley and Trusmadoor via Great CockupNY 2653321400Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
CLeisurely9:30amTroutbeckNY4140386750Richard Murphy07954 948005
Richard's number is 07954 948005
StrEasy10:30amThe Herdwick Sheep Trail, RosthwaiteNY2571485luwEileen Monk01768 483538
A delightful walk in the Borrowdale valley, easy tracks and riverside walking with wonderful mountain views.
St2Easy10:30amStepping out and back from Crosby RavensworthNY622149300Beryl Eden07751 924982
A gentle walk within the countryside surrounding this historic village.
Saturday 6 April 2019
SatModerate9:00amWythop Fells: Sale and Ling FellNY 1913021700Janet Upton017684 80191
Wednesday 10 April 2019
AChallenging8:30amCrag Calypso - Eagle, Sergeant’s and Great plus High RaiseNY 259139113000Dave Hall01946861369
B+Strenuous9:00amHarter Fell, Mardale Ill Bell, High Street and Kidsty PikeNY 448 12693000Sue Marshall01768 897159
BModerate9:15amShoulthwaiteNY28619691450David Dixon01768 863155
Shoulthwaite & Bleaberry from Castle Rigg
CLeisurely9:30amTalkin Tarn and the river GeltNY5455877800Irene Wilson016974 73639
StrEasy10:30amMaulds Meaburn and the Lyvennet ValleyNY6251635600Diane Case01539 624521
A walk in the Lyvennet valley, visiting the villages of Maulds Meaburn and Crosby Ravensworth, with superb views of the North Pennines.
St2Easy10:30amOddendale and a round of Hardendale QuarryNY586135200Andrew Chatfield07761 842709
A gentle fell walk with panoramic Pennine and Lake District views “aplenty”.
Saturday 13 April 2019
SatModerate9:00amCarry on down Co. Durham's Greta, from God's to Greta BridgeNY 995132850Graham Allan01768 890390
This is a linear walk using the Fellrunner bus, which will have 16 seats. Cost will be £6 if bus is full, or £7 if not. Meet at 9am at the Rugby club as usual. NB the descent on this walk is 1500'.